An Afterthought

OK…I just read my first blog…remember, I am new at this.  Seems I introduced you to my “team” but forgot to introduce you to me…OOPS. My name is Wanda Timmons. I am the owner and CEO (for whatever that is worth) of my business, The Perfect Pair, and this is my story. I welcome you to my new blog and new direction in my life. I am excited to share with you the in’s and out’s of this business and my creative repurposed pieces of furniture. As I stated in my first blog, we are a team and my hope is that you get to know all of us in our respective roles along the way.

I started my business and have been cultivating my passion for design since my daughter, Megan, was 2 years old and she is now nearly 27. My first job and priority has always been as a mother to my 4 children. I sometimes feel that starting my business was like giving birth to my 5th child. Even though my passion and love for my job comes second to my family, I feel very blessed to be in love with what I do. This journey started with my love of decorating and not enough money to pay someone else to do it for me. It has taken me many directions from…

Paper Hanging…Painting…Faux Finishing…A Faux Finishing School…Distributor of the Faux Effects product line…and, now, the biggest leap of all…the furniture line and consignment store.

In 2003 I moved the business from my laundry room to a local commercial building. At that time my business only occupied ¼ of the building’s full capacity and, to date, The Perfect Pair now encompasses most of the 14,000 sq. ft. available to us (my husband is has tried to raise my rent several times, but since I am the one paying the bills that hasn’t happened yet). Megan’s salon business has brought new life to this old building as she continues to grow with her success and my pride. My, joy, apart from witnessing my daughter’s creative tenacity, is in continuing the development and hope of my business…my passion in the repurposing and refinishing of furniture finds that become reproductive inspirational pieces of art. We opened our doors this past spring becoming fully functional as a salon, furniture showroom, furniture consignment warehouse, and still more to come. We well still offer small classes from time to time and will continue to sell the Faux Effects Silver Label products.

I am now the grandmother of 3 and my 4 children are grown. My husband farms and operates a trucking business out of this same building, so this is truly a family business or businesses.

It would seem that this expansion has taken on a life of it’s own. There would appear to be no limits for this business venture as our pledge is…”Where things are Never the same!”