Road Trip Ramblings

We Brake for Antiques! – Roanoke, VA Trip – March 2015
Here’s a complete list of the shops we stopped for along the way to Roanoke and back. Check them out to see which ones you want to add to your road trip list!

Virginia Shops

Potentially Chic: Ran by two friends. Very nice shop and we had great conversation.
By the Season: Very large shop with tons of booths and great layout, but lacking in friendliness.
Now Then and Again: Very large shop with booths and open space.  Very friendly and we had great conversation.

Ohio Shops
Columbus Architectural Salvage: The most organize store we visited.
Cottage St. Vintage Store: A family owned store with great conversation.

 None of us can remember the name
of the store where we met this
gentleman, but it was a hoot!  The
store was owned by a father and
daughter with tons of STUFF everywhere
and the Dad would complain about the
prices that the daughter had put on HER stuff.  When it came time to pay the dad  would say cash only and the daughter would stand behind him shaking her head saying, “we accept credit cards.

Grandview Mercantile: Huge store with a great mix of new and used furniture.  This might have been my favorite of all the ones we visited.
Abbey Rose: Can’t remember this one 😦
Mary Catherine’s: Family owned. The owner’s sister was running the store while her sister was on a ski trip.  The store was named after their grandmother.
Edwin Loy Home: Very unique store owned by a young lady. She was very sweet and seemed to have what it takes to succeed.
Amish Originals: A furniture store with top quality new furniture.  Great staging and layout.  The lady here gave us a lot of information on which shops to visit in the Columbus area.  All of her suggestions were GREAT!
Powell, OH: Several Shops that were in old homes converted into stores. One after another!  Great area only wish we would have had more time.
Local Roots: Our lunch date before we started our trip home.  This restaurant came very highly recommended by all of the local stores in the Powell community and it lived up to the bill. This was a great ending to a fun filled 3 day trip!

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