Christine Pletschette

The memory of her grandmother, Christine Pletschette, inspired Wanda to develop a new line of fine furniture to carry on her legacy…the Christine Pletschette Line of Furniture. This distinctive collection of one-of-a-kind, timeless furniture consists of two divisions: special order and restored heirloom treasures.

Special Order
Orders will be taken based on our completed samples and adapted to your personal requests. Over time, more pieces will be added to those currently on display.

Restored Heirloom Pieces
Creating new from old…items from attics, garages, and storage restored into treasured heirloom quality pieces. Conceptually, these furniture lines appear to be a piece of the past; but, built and finished to represent a piece of the present…pieces of such quality and individuality that they will persevere, just as the legacy of Christine Pletschette.  We invite you to explore and create your own legacy through this unique design experience.

The Christine Pletschette Story
In 1938, my grandmother, Christine Pletschette, died at the age of 30. She left behind a seventeen-month-old baby girl, my mother, and three other children. This is my tribute to her life. This furniture line serves to honor her spirit…a spirit that lives on now in her name…Christine Pletschette. It isn’t just the name…it’s the promise fulfilled…it’s the tradition created…it’s the legacy of her life…and, it’s the essence of this collection of treasured pieces.
– Wanda


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