Custom Pieces, Wanda Timmons

Give Me A Sign…

Every once in awhile we get to play a small role in a life changing moment for someone.  Last week we were blessed to do just that.  A young man came into the shop looking for Wanda.  He had a project in mind and he was hoping he could get some help.  When he stopped in Wanda wasn’t here, so I took his name and number letting him know Wanda would get back to him as soon as she could.  Well, that particular day was busy, busy, busy in the shop.  Did I mention how busy it was? When Wanda got in the shop she was pulled this way and that way and in every which way in between with customers who needed this or that or new pieces being brought into the shop.  With the Spring Open House two weeks away at that point, and then the opening of a new store inside The Perfect Pair in these next two weeks as well, I think the word B-U-S-Y just might be an understatement.  So needless to say returning a phone call wasn’t an option at that point.

The young man returned on his way back through town, hoping to see Wanda, well she was with another customer, so I spoke with him about his project.  After hearing of the project I thought what a neat idea, but the time frame he needed it in…less than 3 days!!! I offered him a business card and told him to e-mail Wanda the photos he had shown me of this project, so she had something right in front of her when she could return his call.  Well guess what?!?!  The e-mail never showed up.  But he was determined. Well finally the stars aligned and they were able to touch base.  When Wanda heard his request and the time frame he needed it in and with all she had going on in the shop and for the Open House, she still said yes to the project.

So how did The Perfect Pair get to play a small part in a life-changing moment not only for this young man, but for a few others as well, it all comes down to a couple signs!


Oooh a love story!  You know we love a good love story and to get to be a part of the proposal, even better!  So the big question is did she say yes?!?!  And who else helped him propose to his lovely girlfriend?


Of course she said, YES!  How could she refuse such a sweet proposal!


And did he not just have two of the best little helpers of all?  Ok, so one looks more okay with the proposal than the other!  That’s why he needed the “Seriously” sign.  Because he let us in on a little secret, that her dog (Lady) isn’t a huge fan of him, but I think given some time they will grow to love each other just like they both love her!  What a wonderful proposal story they have to share with their family and friends.

Congratulations Craig & Jessica (and Blue & Lady too)