Hidden Treasures on Memory Lane…

Our Five year anniversary is fast approaching, so we’re taking a little stroll down memory lane before the big celebration!  Meet Teressa Rogers, one of our very first Vendors at The Perfect Pair!

I discovered The Perfect Pair on a summer afternoon in 2011. Returning home from shopping in Decatur, I saw the sign and decided to stop and see just what was inside. That’s the day I met Wanda.  She and her sister were busy painting kitchen cabinets, but she stopped working and showed me around and explained the business. That’s the day I fell in love with the Perfect Pair, as well as made a wonderful new friend. It was obvious she loved what she was doing. The more she talked, the more excited I got!  I had just retired and had a garage full of treasures that I had collected over the years from auctions, garage sales, etc. in hopes of opening a shop someday.  After stepping foot in The Perfect Par, I no longer wanted a shop of my own, but wanted to be a part of this one.  I signed up that very day as her second vendor and was so excited I nearly ran off the road going home! I couldn’t wait to get started.Wanda soon brought her trailer to my stash of stuff and we took a load to the shop. The adventure began! I am now doing what I love and making money too! What a deal. Now, I have a good reason for hitting the garage sales and flea markets to find furniture and antiques to resell; so much more fun than sitting behind a desk for 30 years!  I have also gained many new friends with the other vendors, as well as customers. The atmosphere is like one big happy family that supports each other and I have learned so much from Wanda.  Now, when I’m at home working on a project and can’t decide what to do, I say to myself (3WD), “What Would Wanda Do”.  She always takes the time to help out or give advice on a project.

We have made so many great memories, but I can hardly believe it’s been five years already.  The Perfect Pair is my happy place!  If you haven’t been to the Perfect Pair, you need to check it out. It just may become your happy place too!

My business is called, “Hidden Treasures,” and is located in a room in The Warehouse on the same side as The Salvage Room.  You will find antiques, crafts and I recently added sweatshirt sets with a lot of glitz that are made in Branson, Missouri. I have always received so many compliments when I wear mine that I decided to add them to the booth. They are great for traveling to Florida, etc. or just adding some sparkle to your life.  Stop in soon!


Waterhouse in The Warehouse!

Meet Damon Waterhouse, our resident headboard craftsman.  You can find his unique creations in The Warehouse. Choose from ready-made styles or ask for a custom design.

I was inspired to start selling headboards and other barn wood items when I brought a black, barn door headboard in for consignment with The Perfect Pair.  Wanda asked if I would be interested in building other headboards and I replied that I would enjoy it!  I currently have four or five other headboards in the shop that are different styles, along with a table made from pallet and barn wood, and some wood crosses made from reclaimed fence boards.  Some of my ideas are original and others are inspired by everyone’s favorite website, Pinterest.

After constructing my booth at The Perfect Pair, I was contacted by an artist to build a set of portable walls with the same look and materials for when they travel with their art.  I am also in the process of building some outdoor seating for The Daily Brew, which I am creating out of pallet wood.  I enjoy the creative aspect of what I’m doing along with the building, but my least favorite is the painting and finishing, a sentiment I believe would be echoed by most wood workers.  It is great though to stand back when I’m finished and see what I put together with boards, glue, screws, and a little paint, especially since I typically don’t start with any plan and just make it up as I go.

I have aspirations to do sliding barn doors, bathroom vanities, and maybe some light fixtures.  Having always wanted to run my own business, I am enjoying working with The Perfect Pair to get my products out there.

Damon Waterhouse resides in Warrensburg, IL with his wife Kristin and two children, Dawson and Lydia.  The entire family loves visiting The Perfect Pair and you will too! 


Motivated By MORE!

We are very excited to introduce you to Melanie Brown and her Motivated by More clothing line, which you can now find in The Closet at The Perfect Pair.  Read her story and then stop by the shop to find the PERFECT outfit for your MOTIVATION!

Motivated by More has been a dream of mine for 10+ years. My love for sports and working out goes back to my childhood and I can vividly remember doing workout videos in the living room to Tammy Lee Webb and Billy Blanks.  After high school, I had no idea what I wanted study in college. I tried nursing and elementary education, but just felt they were not for me. After earning two Associate degrees, and realizing I needed to move on from community college, I decided to declare my major in the field of Exercise Science, in hopes of turning my hobby into a career. Since earning my Masters in Exercise Science from Eastern Illinois University, I have always said that I want to have my own gym or fitness business, but the right opportunity never came along. Even though I had the degree, experience from having worked at the YMCA as a Director and years of teaching aerobics, multiple fitness certifications, and had trained for and ran a few marathons, in my mind I never felt good enough, fit enough, thin enough, or strong enough to be a leader in this industry.

Then, about five years ago I felt God pushing me to start a fitness ministry at my church. I really felt this was a great opportunity for ME because after having my second child, I didn’t have time to go to the gym daily and had given up teaching classes. I missed it and thought this would be a way I could serve my church, get my workout in and have some adult interaction.  I approached my church and told them my idea and they said “go for it!” I will never forget our first morning workout. I had prepped for our workout and I had even written a devotion, but at the end of the workout when I realized I had to lead these 20 people in prayer, I was moved to tears.  This was God at work. He knew my gift and He wanted me to use it. He gave me so many opportunities to grow and learn about health and wellness along the way.  Going into this, I thought I was the one benefiting from it, when all along God was preparing me for this journey.

January 2016 was when I really decided to take the fitness ministry I was leading and turn it into my career.  It had been such a dream of mine for so long, I was excited and scared at the same time.  I decided to take an online course through a ministry called She Works His Way, which was designed for women who are Christian entrepreneurs and focused on developing best business practices.  The class was amazing, and the most beneficial take away was the networking group of likeminded women.  Upon completion of the class, I decided to start a small group of local Christian women who are juggling being moms and entrepreneurs, that would meet monthly and offer prayer, encouragement and best business practices to each other.  Jody Bobbit, of the Perfect Pair Salon & the Closet, joined this group and my connection with the Perfect Pair began.  At our monthly coffee meetings we discuss obstacles we are facing, tips and tricks we have learned, technology that has helped us in our business, marketing ideas, parenting struggles, organizational tips, books or blogs we read for encouragement, etc.  I shared with Jody my idea of one day starting a scripture based workout clothing line.  She was very supportive and encouraged me to begin this extension of my fitness business, suggesting it would be a perfect fit for The Closet.  I then partnered with another friend, Liz Handley, who works for Maverick Marketing, to design and order my first batch of tanks.

It has been so much fun working with the ladies at The Perfect Pair!  They are a group of amazing women who are using their gifts to bless and encourage others…not for the money, but because they love what they do and they are Motivated by MORE!

I also offer one- on-one personal training, small group training, nutritional services, public speaking and am a Beach Body Coach.

Website – www.motivatedbymore.net OR Facebook OR Instagram

photo credit to Jessica Wentworth with J. Wentworth Photography, Tank credit to Melanie Brown with Motivated By More and Hair and Makeup and Style credit to Jody Bobbitt with The Closet.


Renewing Isn’t Just for Furniture!

We are very excited to welcome Libby Pasquariello to The Perfect Pair Family. Her aromatherapy beads are in The Showroom now and we’ve just added Young Living Essential Oils too!  Read her story and then stop by the shop to begin renewing your mind, body and spirit!

Libby’s Story:
I am a nurse entrepreneur through my small business, Yoga for Wellness with Libby, including teaching yoga and offering handmade wellness products.  Many don’t think of these kinds of things as related to nursing, but I am a holistic nurse.  I believe in offering people ways to stay healthy and improve their overall wellness to prevent illness and the need for acute care.  I was a nurse in acute and chronic mental health for about a decade.  During that time, I found yoga for my personal self-care and through yoga, I found essential oils.  My teacher would always have something relaxing, like lavender, diffusing when we walked into the studio.  It amazed me how the whole experience of yoga, meditation, and oils helped me find an inner peace that I hadn’t connected with before.
Obviously, I was hooked.  
Years later, after completing my Master’s of Science in Nursing, I began teaching health and nursing classes for South Dakota State University, and I still do that to this day, though now exclusively online.  When we moved to Decatur from Marshall, Minnesota two years ago, I decided to complete my certification in teaching yoga so I could share this lifestyle of wellness with others in an informed way.  I obtained my RYT 200 through Yoga Alliance-certifiied school of Yoga at Connie’s in Latham, Illinois.  I love sharing this practice with others and then seeing the ripple effect of how they go on to make positive impacts on others through their yogic lifestyle. 

On finding the Perfect Pair:
When we first moved into our home in Decatur, our neighbors came to welcome us.  One noticed my re-purposed and up-cycled furnishings and suggested I check out The Perfect Pair in Warrensburg.  I love the idea of old furniture being revived and given a new life.  That is not to say I am the best at doing this myself, but will absolutely support the work of others in this!  I also love being able to buy something from a locally-owned shop.  I want to support the work of the local artisans who share their talents and the people who have the bravery of owning a small business.  One of my first purchases at The Perfect Pair was a wine table.  It is my favorite piece in our home and is the way I met Wanda Timmons.  Since then, when I am looking for something specific for our home, I head out to The Perfect Pair.  If I can’t find what I’m looking for, I talk to Wanda, who has all these connections and one of her artisans has always been able to create something that fits.  You just can’t find that kind of service at a franchised furniture store.

When I began teaching yoga, I was incorporating use of essential oils into my students’ practice.  Most of them wanted to learn more about how they could use them in their daily lives, so I began making products like aromatherapy inhalers, pillow mist, and aromatherapy bracelets.  Some of these products became popular, so I decided to see if The Perfect Pair would be interested in carrying a couple of them.  Wanda was interested right away as she has been curious about essential oils for some time.  I look forward to working with her to bring Young Living essential oils into the shop, as well as marketing my hand-made products for use with these oils.  Retailing this company’s essential oils ensures The Perfect Pair’s customers are getting high-quality, therapeutic oils.

You can find more information about classes and products on the Yoga for Wellness with Libby blog and Facebook page.


Who Needs Drywall When You Have Barn Lumber?

By Shelby Cooper
From the time we were small, my grandma and my husband’s grandparents instilled in us a great appreciation for things of the past. Dustin grew up working on his grandparents’ farm where old things weren’t thrown away, but rather saved and refashioned for another purpose. His Grandpa Riley built entire barns and sheds out of materials that he was given or salvaged. If you didn’t have it, you made it. If it was old, you made it new again. So my husband grew up with the ability to look at junk and see its true potential. He has been saving building materials and barn finds almost his entire life. Because of this, we are going to be able to build an amazing addition onto our home with minimal time spent at the big box stores. Who needs drywall when you have barn lumber?

Growing up around my grandma I learned the value of old things.  She taught me how to crochet when I was five years old and how to knit at age seven. I had no idea at the time, but she was helping to keep a dying art alive. I spent a lot of time at her house, and while there I went through everything. There were boxes and boxes of material and supplies for her handicrafts and it was all old. To this day, she can still pull out pattern books that date back to the 50’s and bias tape that cost 25 cents. But one would expect no less from a woman who sews on a 100+ year old treadle Singer sewing machine.

Now we are grown, married, and have three kids of our own. And all the things Dustin and I have come to love are (gulp) popular. Neither of us are crowd followers by a long shot, but in this case we are among those leading the crowd. We are both lovers of what some might call junk, and we both love salvaged materials, which leads us to the barn wood. We love wood…and barns…and especially barn wood. One of my requirements when we bought a house was that it had to have an old red barn. Sadly, we don’t always get what we want, but at some point we would love to have one disassembled and put back up on our property. Fingers crossed.

Our more recent venture into selling barn wood began one evening when I was perusing Craigslist, and came across an ad for some red barn wood. I thought it would be great for crafting and since Dustin never let me have any of the stash he had squirreled away, I decided to buy it. $300 and a small trailer load of barn wood later, I decided I would sell some of the longer pieces and keep the shorter ones that were better for my projects. I posted it in a few groups on Facebook, and the demand was overwhelming. I ended up selling it all and still had people asking for more. Although Dustin has taken down several barns and has more to do, we can’t keep up with the demand. So I try to rescue old barn wood from the trash heap. Too often, I find the most gorgeous barn wood thrown in a pile bound for the landfill or ready to be burned. No one seems to want it, so I send Dustin with the trailer to bring it home.

The barn wood currently featured at The Perfect Pair has a story that begins in the Bluegrass State. It came off a barn built in the 1960s. As I was searching Craigslist, I came across an ad for a massive amount of red barn siding, well over 3,000 feet. It was stacked up nicely, but was quite obviously out in the elements. I decided we had to get this barn wood as quickly as possible, so it could be in the protection of Dustin’s grandma’s pole barn (one of those barns mentioned earlier that was built entirely of salvaged materials). I contacted Wanda, and she said bring as soon as possible. Once the nails were pulled, it got stacked on a trailer bound for Warrensburg.

We love being in the business of making old things new again. Salvaged and repurposed materials are the best kind, and this is something we’ve been doing for years not just since it has become a trend. Only recently has it transformed into somewhat of a business venture. Reclaimed materials are the best kind. The craftsmanship and labor that went into these old barns is unprecedented these days. The last thing we want to see is barns that have stood the test of time being burnt to the ground. What we do gives new life and a new purpose to them. This is more than simply fulfilling a need; it is a way of life. We were country when country wasn’t cool and will continue to be.

Dustin and Shelby Cooper reside in rural Herrick with their two sons and baby girl: Camo (5), Canon (2), and Hunter (10 months). They are busy renovating their newly purchased home with as much barn wood as possible


What’s Brewing Now?

Have you heard the news about what we’re “brewing” now?  Very soon The Daily Brew coffee shop will be open at The Perfect Pair!  Like many of the other amazing transformations the shop has experienced, this one began with an inkling of an idea that met up at just the right time, with just the right people, who had a similar notion. 


The Inkling: Last August, Wanda spent a day in St. Louis visiting shops similar to The Perfect Pair.  She and her companions were thirsty all day while shopping and had to keep making stops at drive-thru windows to get a drink.  Seeing an opportunity to improve customer service, Wanda came home thinking about how nice it would be to serve drinks in the shop.  Little did she know that Chad and Tami Yeakley were already cooking up a new business plan that could complete her thought!

The Timing:  It was at the beginning of summer 2015, when our own Jody Bobbitt suggested to her brother, Chad, that he start up a shaved-ice business to provide summer jobs for his three daughters.  In considering the idea, Chad soon realized that by the time he got the business up and running the summer would have been half over so he decided to put it off until the summer of 2016.

The Similar Notion:  In the early fall, when Wanda was having her epiphany, Chad stopped by The Perfect Pair to talk with her about the possibility of starting up a shaved-ice business and she mentioned that she would love to have a coffee shop!  Chad agreed that it was a great idea and started investigating the details.   After several months of research and a few traffic studies, he was finally certain that he could make a coffee shop work as long as it had a drive-thru window.  The next step was convincing his wife, Tami, that she could quit her job and run a coffee shop with the help of their three daughters, Emily, Madelyn and Gabrielle.  With the family on board, Wanda’s first little inkling and Chad’s similar notion soon started percolating into The Daily Brew!

If you been to the shop lately, you’ve probably witnessed various stages of the transformation of The Showroom into The Daily Brew.  Here are some pictures of the process, but you’ll have to wait to see the final reveal when the coffee shop opens later this month.  Stay tuned!

Chad and Tami Yeakley have been married almost 20 years and have four children.  Chad has worked at ADM for almost 21 years in IT and just recently took a position in the credit department.  His wife Tami also worked at ADM for the past three years, but will now manage The Daily Brew.  Their son CJ works for ADM and lives in the area with his wife Maria.  Their three daughters, Emily, Madelyn and Gabrielle attend Warrensburg-Latham schools.  It is with much joy that we welcome all of them to The Perfect Pair Family.


Flip It and Reverse It: Wanda’s Office Redo

By Wanda
The story of my office goes a few years back, beginning in 2003, when I first designed it using the faux finishes that I used to teach and sell.  After a few years, I moved my husband and the family trucking business in and we shared the space.  However, when my son moved home to help run the trucking business in 2013, it got a little snug and I walked away from the office to set up shop behind The Perfect Pair counter. 

Soon, managing customer transactions and bookkeeping tasks all from the same small space became a real challenge.  Especially at the first of the month, when consignor checks and bills are due, and someone wanted to make a purchase!  As the business grew and grew, the counter shrunk smaller and smaller! I felt like I was never organized or caught up.  Then, in January 2016 Timmons Trucking moved down the road to a bigger space.  Although we miss them at times, the extra space in The Warehouse and the roomy office make up for it!

Finding time to transform the office into the work space of my dreams was difficult, but “many hands make light work.”  We tackled the job in January and with the help of Sue, Jake and Jen the redo was soon complete!  Taking our repurposing mission to heart, almost all of the décor is made from reclaimed bits and pieces.  Most special to me is the light fixture made out of lights from the ammunitions plant near Illiopolis where my mother-in-law worked during WWII.  For the finishing touches,  I went shopping in The Warehouse and am proud to say that everything “new” in this office was purchased from one of our vendors! Lucky me!

A faux-tile finish from my years of painting experience and a big money saver on the floor

Chalk board closet doors

A wall made from pallets

A new coat tree made from scrap copper and reclaimed barn wood

A barn wood bench and table for lunches and the kids’ homework (grandkids and employee’s kids)

After the decorations were in order, the next step was organizing. 

This is where Jen took over, finding a home for everything and making labels galore so I can find it later!  We now have the counter computer and office computer sharing the same network, (this is a big deal!).  Daily tasks are becoming so much simpler and I now have the PERFECT space in which to cultivate this dream called The Perfect Pair. 

Credit for so much of the work that went into the transformation goes to Sue, Jake and Jen.  The decorating came from me, but Jen and Jake got really creative and Sue was always there to paint, organize and clean whenever I asked. I am so grateful for the team I have!