Featured Vendor, Lisa Hackl

Vendor of The Month – Lisa Hackl

This month at The Perfect Pair we have another great vendor to feature on our blog.  She makes some incredibly adorable babyware and even lovies for the little ones.  We are excited to feature the talented and creative Lisa Hackl this month on the blog.  Not only does Lisa work outside of the home full-time, but she spends much of her spare time lovingly creating adorable items for babies.  We feel incredibly blessed to have Lisa as one of our vendors.


So let me ask you this, do you ever want something one of a kind for your little one?  Something you and a thousand parents find at Target, Kohls, The Children’s Place or any number of mass retailers.  Not that you can’t find cute outfits for your babies at these stores, but maybe you want something more one of a kind and not a dime a dozen.  Or maybe you have a baby shower to attend and you hope you don’t choose an outfit someone else will already have selected.   You want the gift you choose to be memorable.  You want the Mommy-to-be to oooh and aaaah over how cute that outfit or headband or blankie is that you chose for the precious little one.


Well, you cannot go wrong with something Lisa creates for you or one of the many pieces she fills our shelves with at The Perfect Pair.  The likelihood of giving a gift someone else has selected is pretty slim when you shop at The Perfect Pair and with Lisa.


From Bibs to Blankies to Booties to Onsies and cute headbands, Lisa has your little one covered in adorableness.