Don & Sheri Skowronski, Featured Vendor

Featured Vendor – Don & Sheri Skowronski

This month we are excited to feature Don & Sheri Skowronski.   This wonderful couple bring so much to the table at The Perfect Pair.  We are blessed to have them as not only vendors, but ones we can also count among our friends.  This creative duo helps to fill our showroom with beautiful, one of a kind pieces, that are often custom built, repurposed and refinished pieces, but they also keep our warehouse filled with great items they find.


Don has impressive woodworking and carpentry skills.  Though Don may be “retired”, he is anything but, he keeps himself very busy in his workshop with all different kinds of projects on his list.  Don has collaborated many times over with Wanda on unique and custom built pieces.  Wanda will often times pose a request or an idea for Don & Sheri and they seem to never fail to deliver! Sheri helps with many of Don’s projects with the painting, staining, and creative ideas.  She will even recover the cushions on the benches they make.



They are actively involved in their church and look to use their God-given talents in ways that help give back to communities around the world.  Currently their small-group is working to raise funds to build a well with safe drinking water over in Africa.  So how will Don & Sheri’s skills come in handy with that?  By building and selling these custom made crosses.


You can choose your the color you would like your cross and 100% of the proceeds go towards the mission project.  Beautiful crosses that have a profound impact to a community that deserves the basic need of clean and safe drinking water.

See below for a few more photos of Don & Sheri’s pieces they’ve brought into the shop and warehouse..

IMG_0799 IMG_0802 IMG_2932 IMG_6605_Rsz IMG_7709_rsz IMG_9632_rszCome visit us at the shop to see Don & Sheri’s latest pieces!