Don & Sheri Skowronski, Featured Vendor

Featured Vendor – Don & Sheri Skowronski

This month we are excited to feature Don & Sheri Skowronski.   This wonderful couple bring so much to the table at The Perfect Pair.  We are blessed to have them as not only vendors, but ones we can also count among our friends.  This creative duo helps to fill our showroom with beautiful, one of a kind pieces, that are often custom built, repurposed and refinished pieces, but they also keep our warehouse filled with great items they find.


Don has impressive woodworking and carpentry skills.  Though Don may be “retired”, he is anything but, he keeps himself very busy in his workshop with all different kinds of projects on his list.  Don has collaborated many times over with Wanda on unique and custom built pieces.  Wanda will often times pose a request or an idea for Don & Sheri and they seem to never fail to deliver! Sheri helps with many of Don’s projects with the painting, staining, and creative ideas.  She will even recover the cushions on the benches they make.



They are actively involved in their church and look to use their God-given talents in ways that help give back to communities around the world.  Currently their small-group is working to raise funds to build a well with safe drinking water over in Africa.  So how will Don & Sheri’s skills come in handy with that?  By building and selling these custom made crosses.


You can choose your the color you would like your cross and 100% of the proceeds go towards the mission project.  Beautiful crosses that have a profound impact to a community that deserves the basic need of clean and safe drinking water.

See below for a few more photos of Don & Sheri’s pieces they’ve brought into the shop and warehouse..

IMG_0799 IMG_0802 IMG_2932 IMG_6605_Rsz IMG_7709_rsz IMG_9632_rszCome visit us at the shop to see Don & Sheri’s latest pieces!



Featured Vendor, Neil Stombaugh

Vendor of The Month – Neal Stombaugh

Most often times when customers walk into the Perfect Pair for the first time, we hear the excitement in their comments of how interesting or unique this or that piece is.  As we’ve said before in previous blog posts, we work with an incredible variety of vendors and almost all are Central Illinois based.  This month we want to feature one of our very talented wood working vendors, Neal Stombaugh.


If you give Neal almost any type or piece of wood, he will more than likely be able to create something impressive out of it.  Wanda even asked Neal to create something out of “Burl Wood”.  Honestly both Wanda and I had no idea what exactly burl wood was.  Perhaps a type of tree, but actually it is a growth on a tree in which the grain on a tree has grown in a deformed manner (Wikipedia).  It is also a very difficult wood to work with because of the grain of the wood being twisted and interlocked.  One might think who would want that, but actually, “Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, prized for its beauty and rarity.  So, would Neal be able to pull it off working with such a difficult piece of wood?!?!


But of course! He created these two bowls for Wanda.  Look at the incredible detail of each bowl and each piece of wood.


Absolutely stunning craftsmanship.  Neal also creates other pieces for us at The Perfect Pair.  Check out the photos below for some more of Neal’s incredible work.  Stop in today to pick up a special piece for yourself or for a one of a kind gift for a friend or loved one. Or perhaps you would like to have a custom piece designed by Neal.

IMG_9895 IMG_9875The inside to one of to bowls handcrafted by Neil.


Wine stoppers with perhaps one of your favorite teams!


A custom wood grain pen.  A beautiful gift for a pen collector!  Did you happen to notice the clip of some of the pens in the cup that is a golf club?


Another one of his pens.  I love the style of this one and the color of the finish.

Or perhaps a custom wood sign for a special day in your life!


And last but most certainly not least, a small colorful spinning top for the little ones!


I don’t know what it is about a spinning top, but they definitely are a lot of fun to play with.  Something quiet that doesn’t require batteries, sounds just about perfect to me!

Featured Vendor, Lisa Hackl

Vendor of The Month – Lisa Hackl

This month at The Perfect Pair we have another great vendor to feature on our blog.  She makes some incredibly adorable babyware and even lovies for the little ones.  We are excited to feature the talented and creative Lisa Hackl this month on the blog.  Not only does Lisa work outside of the home full-time, but she spends much of her spare time lovingly creating adorable items for babies.  We feel incredibly blessed to have Lisa as one of our vendors.


So let me ask you this, do you ever want something one of a kind for your little one?  Something you and a thousand parents find at Target, Kohls, The Children’s Place or any number of mass retailers.  Not that you can’t find cute outfits for your babies at these stores, but maybe you want something more one of a kind and not a dime a dozen.  Or maybe you have a baby shower to attend and you hope you don’t choose an outfit someone else will already have selected.   You want the gift you choose to be memorable.  You want the Mommy-to-be to oooh and aaaah over how cute that outfit or headband or blankie is that you chose for the precious little one.


Well, you cannot go wrong with something Lisa creates for you or one of the many pieces she fills our shelves with at The Perfect Pair.  The likelihood of giving a gift someone else has selected is pretty slim when you shop at The Perfect Pair and with Lisa.


From Bibs to Blankies to Booties to Onsies and cute headbands, Lisa has your little one covered in adorableness.


Featured Vendor, Vivian Hale

The Perfect Pair Featured Vendor…

At the Perfect Pair we are proud to host several wonderful and talented local vendors in our store. As we’ve said in the past, we believe in supporting our local vendors and in turn it helps to support our community. We offer a variety of different items and we have over 20 Vendors. Every couple weeks on our blog we are going to feature one of our vendors. To kick off our first post for our Highlighted Vendor is the talented Vivian Hale.


Vivian’s pieces are a huge hit. She creates the glass ladies made out of vintage glassware pieces and often times adding a little extra detail with some beads for a necklace. Because a lady is never fully dressed without her pearls. Vivian’s ladies are definitely pieces of art that will have your friends and family talking about the uniqueness of each piece.


They are all one of a kind too. So far, I know I have not seen two pieces that are a like!


Vivian also makes beautiful bird feeder dishes, bird baths and candy dishes as well. Scroll down to see a few more of Vivian’s masterpieces.



Birds will flock to these beautiful pieces to enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



They make for a perfect gift as well. Stop in our store today to see these pieces by Vivian for yourself and to maybe even purchase one or two for your home. These pieces never seem to last for long. Thankfully Vivian keeps us well furnished with her one of a kind pieces.