Custom Pieces, Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time…

We had a lovely expectant first time Mom stop in our store and she saw a piece on our showroom floor that she really liked.  She wanted a custom piece made especially for her sweet little bundle of joy she was expecting soon.  So off into the warehouse  we went out to see if we could find the “Perfect” piece for Wanda and Beki to re-purpose.  We searched high and low, opening this cabinet and that? Was there enough storage in this piece?  Was this piece sturdy enough to hold up to the steady opening and closing of drawers and doors?  Will this piece grow right along with the little one?  At last, they found the perfect piece to be redone!


Outside (Before)


Inside (Before)

The expectant Mom handed over her trust and put faith that Wanda and Beki would take this piece and create a finished piece fit for a little princess.  They sanded and sanded until the workroom floor was covered in dust.


They took out the shelves and built brand new.  They added a wooden rod for the princesses dresses to hang.  They shellac, painted and top coated it until the piece was just perfect.  The hardware was attached and the doors rehung.  This piece was finally finished and met with the lovely Mommy’s approval.   The piece was ready to be placed in its new home.


As you can see, the dresses are all hung with care. The stacks of blankets to snuggle the sweet little princess are all ready and waiting to welcome her home.