new top for dining room table

A Dining Room Table Story

This is again a story of my work/creativity in action. A customer of mine had moved into a new home and the mover damaged their dining room table in the move. After taking the table to a furniture refinisher that was unable to repair the scratch the mover was concerned that he would have to replace the entire dining room set, so he called me hoping I could come up with a solution to his problem. Below are the pictures of the start of my solution. I will continue to post pictures as I complete each process. I am on step 4 of 8 and if all goes as planned I hope to have this completed by the end of January. Thank goodness my customer has been patience!

The day it was delivered. The damaged veneer had been repaired and now a new look for this table top.
The table has been resurfaced using Texture Fil tinted to give me a wood grain undertone.
3 colors of Venetian Gem were used to create a border on the outer edge of the table. This will give me a division from the new finish to the old finish.
The table has been glazed. I am starting to create the depth of the wood grain.
Today I added detail of wood grain over the stained texture surface.
The taping off for the gold edge.
Then there was a touch of GOLD. It is all in the details.
The undertone has been added and sealed! After letting it set for a couple days I am onto the staining.
This is when it starts to get fun.Taping off the section gives me a small work area and that I like on such a big table.

The only reason I am finding time to post in my blog is because I have to let this side dry before I can move onto the other side.

I Love seeing it all come together. I have revealed the leg to make sure I am going in the right direction.
The final glaze before the topcoat.
The top coat is on and starting to dry.
The top coat is on and starting to dry.
Curing before the pick up day
Unloaded and ready for a family mealIMG_1064

This was one of my biggest challenges to date, but with experience comes knowledge. All of the classes and pervious challenges paid off on this project. The Faux Effect product line makes a project like this possible! A big Thank You goes out to a very patient customer. This table was delivered to me in late September.