Door Head Board

Door has been installed

Bed ready for company!

One more successful project by Don and Wanda. Kathy was thrilled with the door installed just in time for her Thanksgiving visit from her daughter.

Custom Pieces, Door Head Board

Custom Door Head Board Project: Still During

Door converted to Headboard

I have anxiously been waiting for Don to return the door/headboard.  As you can see, he has turned the door on its side, cut it to fit a queen-sized bed, added the legs so it will attach to the frame, and given the top additional dimension using a crown molding I picked up at Menards.   Now that he has delivered it back to me, it is my turn to complete this project.

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Custom Pieces, Door Head Board

Custom Door Head Board Project: Before

This morning Don and I met at a customer’s house from my wallpaper / painting days.  I first worked for Kathy over 21 years ago when her daughters were very young (one of them even in diapers). Now the girls are all grown up and on their own and she is wanting to give one of their bed rooms a facelift! So she called me and then I called Don for his help with my ideas.  This will be my first attempt to show you how we do what we do.

Bed Before

Here is a picture of the bed before the head board that we are creating. This bedding is our inspiration.

Before Dresser

A picture of the Dresser before and of course I had already loaded the drawers in the truck before I remembered to take the before picture.  I think you get the point!