A Place In Time Clock Table, Custom Pieces

A Place In Time

One of Wanda’s past projects is a one of a kind piece.  Wanda has a customer who had seen previous projects of Wanda and he presented her with a big challenge.  For anyone who knows Wanda, they know she is always up for a challenge.

DSC00258Here is the before photo and a little back story on this piece. “While in college, the “clock table” belonged to a fellow student’s grandmother.  It was cut down  to re-purpose and serve as a cocktail table.  My friends and I played cards (hard-core bridge) on it during our years in graduateschool.   Upon moving out of Chicago area, it was given to me.  My mother had seen clock tables re-purposed in the Antique shops in Rossville, Illinois.  She (an art teacher, and professional portrait artist)  and my brother painted it for me for a Christmas gift in 1979.   It reflected the time of my birth, incorporated lady bugs for “good luck”.

Over time and many years, the table began to show wear and also fade and chip away.  Since it is a treasured piece, he wasn’t ready to part with the piece, so what else can one do but to bring it to life again.  That is where Wanda comes in.


Wanda got to work creating a stencil for this table and recreating the look and design of the table top piece.


Then stripping the top down to the very finish of the table!




Time to recreate the look on the table using the stencil she had already planned out.  Look at all the beautiful detail in this piece!  Don’t you just love it!


DSCN2896And the finished piece!  A piece that I think both his Mother and Brother would be proud of and appreciate the work and effort Wanda lovingly put in to preserve this testament of a mother and brothers love.

Custom Pieces

A Treasured Heirloom

It seems like most pieces that Wanda typically refinishes or repurposes has a story behind it or is about to have a story to go with it.  That is the beauty of this blog and I love when I get to hear the story behind the projects she takes on.  I love the story behind this piece she recently refinished for a client.  To know the history of this piece makes me love it even more.

Wanda met Susan at the Decatur Arts in The Park event last fall.  They had talked briefly of a dressing table Susan had and the options for having it refinished. Shortly after the festival Susan e-mailed Wanda photos of this piece.

dressing table1

dressing table2

Isn’t it lovely in the before photos?  Look at the detail in the dressing table.

Along with the e-mail came a bit of history on this piece.  This piece has been in her family for quite some time.  In fact, this dressing table belonged to her husband’s grandmother and Susan and her husband have had the piece since his Grandmother’s passing.  Due to lack of space in her master bedroom she had kept the piece in a spare bedroom.  With it being in the spare room is was more a show piece than what it was intended to be used for.

About six year ago Susan’s husband passed away.  Still this lovely piece among a few other pieces from her husband’s family remained with her, a thread to a part of her husband and his family.  Susan remarried last year and with her new marriage, came a move to another house.  And in her new home she was blessed with the perfect space for this lovely dressing table in the master bedroom.   No longer would this dressing table be hidden in a spare room, but to finally be put to use and something that she is able to see each morning when she wakes and each evening before bed.

After talking to Wanda, she decided she would like to have this piece refinished.  So Wanda got busy with this new project all the while keeping in mind to preserve the intricate details in the dressing table.  Can you imagine how wonderful it must feel to have a piece that has such meaning and history entrusted to you to make “new” again?  What a blessing it is to be able to bring out the beauty in pieces such as this.




As mentioned above Susan found the perfect space in her new home and each morning this is where she sits to apply her makeup and to fix her hair.  In my mind, I picture the grandmother sitting at her dressing table doing the same when she owned the piece.  This dressing table is a tie that binds her to her husband and to his family for all the days of her life. Someday, Susan looks forward to passing this piece on to her daughter.  A treasured gift that will not only tie her to her Mother, but to her father and his family as well.  I truly hope the dressing table continues to be passed down for many generations to come.

Custom Pieces, Wanda Timmons

Give Me A Sign…

Every once in awhile we get to play a small role in a life changing moment for someone.  Last week we were blessed to do just that.  A young man came into the shop looking for Wanda.  He had a project in mind and he was hoping he could get some help.  When he stopped in Wanda wasn’t here, so I took his name and number letting him know Wanda would get back to him as soon as she could.  Well, that particular day was busy, busy, busy in the shop.  Did I mention how busy it was? When Wanda got in the shop she was pulled this way and that way and in every which way in between with customers who needed this or that or new pieces being brought into the shop.  With the Spring Open House two weeks away at that point, and then the opening of a new store inside The Perfect Pair in these next two weeks as well, I think the word B-U-S-Y just might be an understatement.  So needless to say returning a phone call wasn’t an option at that point.

The young man returned on his way back through town, hoping to see Wanda, well she was with another customer, so I spoke with him about his project.  After hearing of the project I thought what a neat idea, but the time frame he needed it in…less than 3 days!!! I offered him a business card and told him to e-mail Wanda the photos he had shown me of this project, so she had something right in front of her when she could return his call.  Well guess what?!?!  The e-mail never showed up.  But he was determined. Well finally the stars aligned and they were able to touch base.  When Wanda heard his request and the time frame he needed it in and with all she had going on in the shop and for the Open House, she still said yes to the project.

So how did The Perfect Pair get to play a small part in a life-changing moment not only for this young man, but for a few others as well, it all comes down to a couple signs!


Oooh a love story!  You know we love a good love story and to get to be a part of the proposal, even better!  So the big question is did she say yes?!?!  And who else helped him propose to his lovely girlfriend?


Of course she said, YES!  How could she refuse such a sweet proposal!


And did he not just have two of the best little helpers of all?  Ok, so one looks more okay with the proposal than the other!  That’s why he needed the “Seriously” sign.  Because he let us in on a little secret, that her dog (Lady) isn’t a huge fan of him, but I think given some time they will grow to love each other just like they both love her!  What a wonderful proposal story they have to share with their family and friends.

Congratulations Craig & Jessica (and Blue & Lady too)

Katie and Tyler

Have a Little Faith…

One of the greatest parts of this business, is not just taking something old or out of style and breathing new life into it, but when you can turn a doubter into a believer. That is just magical.  Before I get into how that even happened, let me start at the very beginning of it all.  How did this project even come to be?

Well, the couple the furniture was refinished for are friends of Wanda’s.  Katie & Tyler.  Wanda has known Katie for many years, due in part to a friendship with Katie’s Mom, Donna.  In fact, Katie is the one who created and started this very blog for Wanda.  Don’t you just love Katie for that.  I know we do.  🙂

As most love stories go, Katie and Tyler met. They fell in love. They got married.  Then they decided to start a family. Adding a new member to their family also meant, well, they would need more furniture for this little addition to the family.  Katie, however, wanted something specific and also something special for their baby.  Hmmmm.  What to do, what to do?  Sure, they could go into a store and by something right off the floor. Take it home and try to assemble it from the directions in 17 different languages and hope all the pieces are there.  Or maybe find some furniture online and have it shipped to them un-assembled of course.  And who cares if 10,472 other babies have that exact same furniture in their room, right?!?!  Or, maybe just maybe, Wanda would be willing and able to come up with something one of a kind for their baby.  Something that not 10,472 babies already have in their nursery.

Why yes, that is the perfect solution to have not only a one of a kind set of furniture, but also done by a special family friend.  That made perfect sense to Katie and even to Wanda.  But, Tyler, well he wasn’t so sure.  A bit reluctant you could say he was. Where was the logic in spending money on used furniture and having it refinished and did you get the part that it is “USED” furniture?

As any good husband does though, he decided it was probably best to put at least a tiny bit of his faith in his lovely wife and into Wanda, as well.  So, Katie and Tyler picked a set which included a dresser, night stand, and headboard/foot board, out in the warehouse.


Yep that’s what it looked like in the beginning.  I guess now you can see why Tyler was a bit reluctant huh?  Katie gave Wanda a photo of at least an idea of what she would like to have for reference.  So, that meant it was time for Wanda to get to work.  With the help of Beki, they started to prep these pieces.





From the light wood in the beginning to prepping the pieces, base coating, under-tone staining and finishing it off with a dark wood stain, these pieces came together beautifully,  Then came time to change out the handles on the drawer.  Yes, it was time to say bye-bye to those old drawer handles and knobs.  See you later! We won’t miss them one tiny bit.  Time to add the new handles and give this dresser a much more up-to-date look.  This step took Wanda the better part of a day just to get the new drawer handles lined up precisely and installed.  And at last the pieces were done.


Above is the finished dresser!  Isn’t it beautiful?!?!  We thought so.  Katie thought so.  But, the real test was if Tyler thought so too.  Well, when Tyler saw the finished pieces he told Wanda, “You have won me over”.  Needless to say, they made a believer out of him.  I’d say that means this project was a success.  🙂


Share with us what you think of the before and after by commenting below.  We’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by our blog today!  🙂

Custom Pieces, Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time…

We had a lovely expectant first time Mom stop in our store and she saw a piece on our showroom floor that she really liked.  She wanted a custom piece made especially for her sweet little bundle of joy she was expecting soon.  So off into the warehouse  we went out to see if we could find the “Perfect” piece for Wanda and Beki to re-purpose.  We searched high and low, opening this cabinet and that? Was there enough storage in this piece?  Was this piece sturdy enough to hold up to the steady opening and closing of drawers and doors?  Will this piece grow right along with the little one?  At last, they found the perfect piece to be redone!


Outside (Before)


Inside (Before)

The expectant Mom handed over her trust and put faith that Wanda and Beki would take this piece and create a finished piece fit for a little princess.  They sanded and sanded until the workroom floor was covered in dust.


They took out the shelves and built brand new.  They added a wooden rod for the princesses dresses to hang.  They shellac, painted and top coated it until the piece was just perfect.  The hardware was attached and the doors rehung.  This piece was finally finished and met with the lovely Mommy’s approval.   The piece was ready to be placed in its new home.


As you can see, the dresses are all hung with care. The stacks of blankets to snuggle the sweet little princess are all ready and waiting to welcome her home.

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and the winner is…

The Flea Market Flip was such a fun contest!  We had a lot of entries both in store and also on our Facebook page! We love our fans and clients for all their support and votes for this event.

Now without further adieu the winner of our Flea Market Flip Contest and the $500 Grand Prize is:

Gary Jones – Greenhouse

photo-1Congratulations Gary!  Your Greenhouse is not only creative, it’s beautiful as well.

We think this voter summoned up our Flea Market Flip pieces perfectly!  🙂


Custom Pieces

Another Custom Piece

I love doing the custom pieces from the consignment area. This is one of my all time favorites. I got this dresser at an auction (I can’t find the before picture:( )with the plan of turning it into a TV / Media Cabinet. One day a customer was asking if we had any dressers that could be converted for the TV to set on. This piece was the first thing I thought of. Don took it home and made my idea a reality once again. It was sad watching this one walk out the door. I put so much time and passion into all of my pieces and this was one that I would have taken home if I could have. To bad there are bills to pay:), but I have no doubt that it has found a happy Home!

Dresser or Media Cabinet???
Up close and personal
The secret is out!!
I had to take one more picture before it left the showroom.