Consignment area

The doors have arrived

The old doors have found a temporary home in our consignment area. We are excited about the new addition to our inventory. Don and Sheri have been working really hard cleaning out their storage sheds and finding the old doors from previous finds. They power washed them and built the retail space to show them off, so we now have a great display area of old doors. Now onto the idea bank in our heads and of course Pinterest for some inspiration. I am anxious to repurpose/reuse some of these old doors form the past generation.

Look at the colors on these doors – colors really do make a comeback.

I love, love, love the five panel doors.

Some doors are rougher than others, but they all have potential.  I couldn’t believe how heavy these doors were.  I now know why the old hinges were so big!

They just keep coming!

Today was lots of work, but it is always fun working with Don and Sheri.  After unloading the doors I decided I didn’t need to go for a run.  I had burnt off enough calories for one day.  All I needed was a shower and a bed.

Looks like we are in the doors business!