A Place In Time Clock Table, Custom Pieces

A Place In Time

One of Wanda’s past projects is a one of a kind piece.  Wanda has a customer who had seen previous projects of Wanda and he presented her with a big challenge.  For anyone who knows Wanda, they know she is always up for a challenge.

DSC00258Here is the before photo and a little back story on this piece. “While in college, the “clock table” belonged to a fellow student’s grandmother.  It was cut down  to re-purpose and serve as a cocktail table.  My friends and I played cards (hard-core bridge) on it during our years in graduateschool.   Upon moving out of Chicago area, it was given to me.  My mother had seen clock tables re-purposed in the Antique shops in Rossville, Illinois.  She (an art teacher, and professional portrait artist)  and my brother painted it for me for a Christmas gift in 1979.   It reflected the time of my birth, incorporated lady bugs for “good luck”.

Over time and many years, the table began to show wear and also fade and chip away.  Since it is a treasured piece, he wasn’t ready to part with the piece, so what else can one do but to bring it to life again.  That is where Wanda comes in.


Wanda got to work creating a stencil for this table and recreating the look and design of the table top piece.


Then stripping the top down to the very finish of the table!




Time to recreate the look on the table using the stencil she had already planned out.  Look at all the beautiful detail in this piece!  Don’t you just love it!


DSCN2896And the finished piece!  A piece that I think both his Mother and Brother would be proud of and appreciate the work and effort Wanda lovingly put in to preserve this testament of a mother and brothers love.