Hidden Treasures on Memory Lane…

Our Five year anniversary is fast approaching, so we’re taking a little stroll down memory lane before the big celebration!  Meet Teressa Rogers, one of our very first Vendors at The Perfect Pair!

I discovered The Perfect Pair on a summer afternoon in 2011. Returning home from shopping in Decatur, I saw the sign and decided to stop and see just what was inside. That’s the day I met Wanda.  She and her sister were busy painting kitchen cabinets, but she stopped working and showed me around and explained the business. That’s the day I fell in love with the Perfect Pair, as well as made a wonderful new friend. It was obvious she loved what she was doing. The more she talked, the more excited I got!  I had just retired and had a garage full of treasures that I had collected over the years from auctions, garage sales, etc. in hopes of opening a shop someday.  After stepping foot in The Perfect Par, I no longer wanted a shop of my own, but wanted to be a part of this one.  I signed up that very day as her second vendor and was so excited I nearly ran off the road going home! I couldn’t wait to get started.Wanda soon brought her trailer to my stash of stuff and we took a load to the shop. The adventure began! I am now doing what I love and making money too! What a deal. Now, I have a good reason for hitting the garage sales and flea markets to find furniture and antiques to resell; so much more fun than sitting behind a desk for 30 years!  I have also gained many new friends with the other vendors, as well as customers. The atmosphere is like one big happy family that supports each other and I have learned so much from Wanda.  Now, when I’m at home working on a project and can’t decide what to do, I say to myself (3WD), “What Would Wanda Do”.  She always takes the time to help out or give advice on a project.

We have made so many great memories, but I can hardly believe it’s been five years already.  The Perfect Pair is my happy place!  If you haven’t been to the Perfect Pair, you need to check it out. It just may become your happy place too!

My business is called, “Hidden Treasures,” and is located in a room in The Warehouse on the same side as The Salvage Room.  You will find antiques, crafts and I recently added sweatshirt sets with a lot of glitz that are made in Branson, Missouri. I have always received so many compliments when I wear mine that I decided to add them to the booth. They are great for traveling to Florida, etc. or just adding some sparkle to your life.  Stop in soon!


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