Waterhouse in The Warehouse!

Meet Damon Waterhouse, our resident headboard craftsman.  You can find his unique creations in The Warehouse. Choose from ready-made styles or ask for a custom design.

I was inspired to start selling headboards and other barn wood items when I brought a black, barn door headboard in for consignment with The Perfect Pair.  Wanda asked if I would be interested in building other headboards and I replied that I would enjoy it!  I currently have four or five other headboards in the shop that are different styles, along with a table made from pallet and barn wood, and some wood crosses made from reclaimed fence boards.  Some of my ideas are original and others are inspired by everyone’s favorite website, Pinterest.

After constructing my booth at The Perfect Pair, I was contacted by an artist to build a set of portable walls with the same look and materials for when they travel with their art.  I am also in the process of building some outdoor seating for The Daily Brew, which I am creating out of pallet wood.  I enjoy the creative aspect of what I’m doing along with the building, but my least favorite is the painting and finishing, a sentiment I believe would be echoed by most wood workers.  It is great though to stand back when I’m finished and see what I put together with boards, glue, screws, and a little paint, especially since I typically don’t start with any plan and just make it up as I go.

I have aspirations to do sliding barn doors, bathroom vanities, and maybe some light fixtures.  Having always wanted to run my own business, I am enjoying working with The Perfect Pair to get my products out there.

Damon Waterhouse resides in Warrensburg, IL with his wife Kristin and two children, Dawson and Lydia.  The entire family loves visiting The Perfect Pair and you will too! 


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