Motivated By MORE!

We are very excited to introduce you to Melanie Brown and her Motivated by More clothing line, which you can now find in The Closet at The Perfect Pair.  Read her story and then stop by the shop to find the PERFECT outfit for your MOTIVATION!

Motivated by More has been a dream of mine for 10+ years. My love for sports and working out goes back to my childhood and I can vividly remember doing workout videos in the living room to Tammy Lee Webb and Billy Blanks.  After high school, I had no idea what I wanted study in college. I tried nursing and elementary education, but just felt they were not for me. After earning two Associate degrees, and realizing I needed to move on from community college, I decided to declare my major in the field of Exercise Science, in hopes of turning my hobby into a career. Since earning my Masters in Exercise Science from Eastern Illinois University, I have always said that I want to have my own gym or fitness business, but the right opportunity never came along. Even though I had the degree, experience from having worked at the YMCA as a Director and years of teaching aerobics, multiple fitness certifications, and had trained for and ran a few marathons, in my mind I never felt good enough, fit enough, thin enough, or strong enough to be a leader in this industry.

Then, about five years ago I felt God pushing me to start a fitness ministry at my church. I really felt this was a great opportunity for ME because after having my second child, I didn’t have time to go to the gym daily and had given up teaching classes. I missed it and thought this would be a way I could serve my church, get my workout in and have some adult interaction.  I approached my church and told them my idea and they said “go for it!” I will never forget our first morning workout. I had prepped for our workout and I had even written a devotion, but at the end of the workout when I realized I had to lead these 20 people in prayer, I was moved to tears.  This was God at work. He knew my gift and He wanted me to use it. He gave me so many opportunities to grow and learn about health and wellness along the way.  Going into this, I thought I was the one benefiting from it, when all along God was preparing me for this journey.

January 2016 was when I really decided to take the fitness ministry I was leading and turn it into my career.  It had been such a dream of mine for so long, I was excited and scared at the same time.  I decided to take an online course through a ministry called She Works His Way, which was designed for women who are Christian entrepreneurs and focused on developing best business practices.  The class was amazing, and the most beneficial take away was the networking group of likeminded women.  Upon completion of the class, I decided to start a small group of local Christian women who are juggling being moms and entrepreneurs, that would meet monthly and offer prayer, encouragement and best business practices to each other.  Jody Bobbit, of the Perfect Pair Salon & the Closet, joined this group and my connection with the Perfect Pair began.  At our monthly coffee meetings we discuss obstacles we are facing, tips and tricks we have learned, technology that has helped us in our business, marketing ideas, parenting struggles, organizational tips, books or blogs we read for encouragement, etc.  I shared with Jody my idea of one day starting a scripture based workout clothing line.  She was very supportive and encouraged me to begin this extension of my fitness business, suggesting it would be a perfect fit for The Closet.  I then partnered with another friend, Liz Handley, who works for Maverick Marketing, to design and order my first batch of tanks.

It has been so much fun working with the ladies at The Perfect Pair!  They are a group of amazing women who are using their gifts to bless and encourage others…not for the money, but because they love what they do and they are Motivated by MORE!

I also offer one- on-one personal training, small group training, nutritional services, public speaking and am a Beach Body Coach.

Website – www.motivatedbymore.net OR Facebook OR Instagram

photo credit to Jessica Wentworth with J. Wentworth Photography, Tank credit to Melanie Brown with Motivated By More and Hair and Makeup and Style credit to Jody Bobbitt with The Closet.


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