Renewing Isn’t Just for Furniture!

We are very excited to welcome Libby Pasquariello to The Perfect Pair Family. Her aromatherapy beads are in The Showroom now and we’ve just added Young Living Essential Oils too!  Read her story and then stop by the shop to begin renewing your mind, body and spirit!

Libby’s Story:
I am a nurse entrepreneur through my small business, Yoga for Wellness with Libby, including teaching yoga and offering handmade wellness products.  Many don’t think of these kinds of things as related to nursing, but I am a holistic nurse.  I believe in offering people ways to stay healthy and improve their overall wellness to prevent illness and the need for acute care.  I was a nurse in acute and chronic mental health for about a decade.  During that time, I found yoga for my personal self-care and through yoga, I found essential oils.  My teacher would always have something relaxing, like lavender, diffusing when we walked into the studio.  It amazed me how the whole experience of yoga, meditation, and oils helped me find an inner peace that I hadn’t connected with before.
Obviously, I was hooked.  
Years later, after completing my Master’s of Science in Nursing, I began teaching health and nursing classes for South Dakota State University, and I still do that to this day, though now exclusively online.  When we moved to Decatur from Marshall, Minnesota two years ago, I decided to complete my certification in teaching yoga so I could share this lifestyle of wellness with others in an informed way.  I obtained my RYT 200 through Yoga Alliance-certifiied school of Yoga at Connie’s in Latham, Illinois.  I love sharing this practice with others and then seeing the ripple effect of how they go on to make positive impacts on others through their yogic lifestyle. 

On finding the Perfect Pair:
When we first moved into our home in Decatur, our neighbors came to welcome us.  One noticed my re-purposed and up-cycled furnishings and suggested I check out The Perfect Pair in Warrensburg.  I love the idea of old furniture being revived and given a new life.  That is not to say I am the best at doing this myself, but will absolutely support the work of others in this!  I also love being able to buy something from a locally-owned shop.  I want to support the work of the local artisans who share their talents and the people who have the bravery of owning a small business.  One of my first purchases at The Perfect Pair was a wine table.  It is my favorite piece in our home and is the way I met Wanda Timmons.  Since then, when I am looking for something specific for our home, I head out to The Perfect Pair.  If I can’t find what I’m looking for, I talk to Wanda, who has all these connections and one of her artisans has always been able to create something that fits.  You just can’t find that kind of service at a franchised furniture store.

When I began teaching yoga, I was incorporating use of essential oils into my students’ practice.  Most of them wanted to learn more about how they could use them in their daily lives, so I began making products like aromatherapy inhalers, pillow mist, and aromatherapy bracelets.  Some of these products became popular, so I decided to see if The Perfect Pair would be interested in carrying a couple of them.  Wanda was interested right away as she has been curious about essential oils for some time.  I look forward to working with her to bring Young Living essential oils into the shop, as well as marketing my hand-made products for use with these oils.  Retailing this company’s essential oils ensures The Perfect Pair’s customers are getting high-quality, therapeutic oils.

You can find more information about classes and products on the Yoga for Wellness with Libby blog and Facebook page.


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