What’s Brewing Now?

Have you heard the news about what we’re “brewing” now?  Very soon The Daily Brew coffee shop will be open at The Perfect Pair!  Like many of the other amazing transformations the shop has experienced, this one began with an inkling of an idea that met up at just the right time, with just the right people, who had a similar notion. 


The Inkling: Last August, Wanda spent a day in St. Louis visiting shops similar to The Perfect Pair.  She and her companions were thirsty all day while shopping and had to keep making stops at drive-thru windows to get a drink.  Seeing an opportunity to improve customer service, Wanda came home thinking about how nice it would be to serve drinks in the shop.  Little did she know that Chad and Tami Yeakley were already cooking up a new business plan that could complete her thought!

The Timing:  It was at the beginning of summer 2015, when our own Jody Bobbitt suggested to her brother, Chad, that he start up a shaved-ice business to provide summer jobs for his three daughters.  In considering the idea, Chad soon realized that by the time he got the business up and running the summer would have been half over so he decided to put it off until the summer of 2016.

The Similar Notion:  In the early fall, when Wanda was having her epiphany, Chad stopped by The Perfect Pair to talk with her about the possibility of starting up a shaved-ice business and she mentioned that she would love to have a coffee shop!  Chad agreed that it was a great idea and started investigating the details.   After several months of research and a few traffic studies, he was finally certain that he could make a coffee shop work as long as it had a drive-thru window.  The next step was convincing his wife, Tami, that she could quit her job and run a coffee shop with the help of their three daughters, Emily, Madelyn and Gabrielle.  With the family on board, Wanda’s first little inkling and Chad’s similar notion soon started percolating into The Daily Brew!

If you been to the shop lately, you’ve probably witnessed various stages of the transformation of The Showroom into The Daily Brew.  Here are some pictures of the process, but you’ll have to wait to see the final reveal when the coffee shop opens later this month.  Stay tuned!

Chad and Tami Yeakley have been married almost 20 years and have four children.  Chad has worked at ADM for almost 21 years in IT and just recently took a position in the credit department.  His wife Tami also worked at ADM for the past three years, but will now manage The Daily Brew.  Their son CJ works for ADM and lives in the area with his wife Maria.  Their three daughters, Emily, Madelyn and Gabrielle attend Warrensburg-Latham schools.  It is with much joy that we welcome all of them to The Perfect Pair Family.


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