Flip It and Reverse It: Wanda’s Office Redo

By Wanda
The story of my office goes a few years back, beginning in 2003, when I first designed it using the faux finishes that I used to teach and sell.  After a few years, I moved my husband and the family trucking business in and we shared the space.  However, when my son moved home to help run the trucking business in 2013, it got a little snug and I walked away from the office to set up shop behind The Perfect Pair counter. 

Soon, managing customer transactions and bookkeeping tasks all from the same small space became a real challenge.  Especially at the first of the month, when consignor checks and bills are due, and someone wanted to make a purchase!  As the business grew and grew, the counter shrunk smaller and smaller! I felt like I was never organized or caught up.  Then, in January 2016 Timmons Trucking moved down the road to a bigger space.  Although we miss them at times, the extra space in The Warehouse and the roomy office make up for it!

Finding time to transform the office into the work space of my dreams was difficult, but “many hands make light work.”  We tackled the job in January and with the help of Sue, Jake and Jen the redo was soon complete!  Taking our repurposing mission to heart, almost all of the décor is made from reclaimed bits and pieces.  Most special to me is the light fixture made out of lights from the ammunitions plant near Illiopolis where my mother-in-law worked during WWII.  For the finishing touches,  I went shopping in The Warehouse and am proud to say that everything “new” in this office was purchased from one of our vendors! Lucky me!

A faux-tile finish from my years of painting experience and a big money saver on the floor

Chalk board closet doors

A wall made from pallets

A new coat tree made from scrap copper and reclaimed barn wood

A barn wood bench and table for lunches and the kids’ homework (grandkids and employee’s kids)

After the decorations were in order, the next step was organizing. 

This is where Jen took over, finding a home for everything and making labels galore so I can find it later!  We now have the counter computer and office computer sharing the same network, (this is a big deal!).  Daily tasks are becoming so much simpler and I now have the PERFECT space in which to cultivate this dream called The Perfect Pair. 

Credit for so much of the work that went into the transformation goes to Sue, Jake and Jen.  The decorating came from me, but Jen and Jake got really creative and Sue was always there to paint, organize and clean whenever I asked. I am so grateful for the team I have!


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