Scrub a Dub, Dub, Goats Milk in the Tub!

Welcome, Flat Branch Soap Co. to The Perfect Pair!
Flat Branch Soap Co. began as Flat Branch Farm when we decided our place needed some livestock.  We already had a small flock of laying hens and a nice assortment of fruit trees, so goats seemed like a good fit.  In June of 2012, we brought home three American Alpine goats—two adult does named Vivian and ZaZu, and a cute little buckling named Fearless.  They took to their new home remarkably well and everyone became quite attached to them right away.  Never having raised goats or any other type of dairy animal, I was amazed at how much milk these little creatures could produce!  I was freezing some in case we needed to bottle feed goat kids later on, but we still had so much milk!

I began researching uses
for goat milk and the most popular suggestion was soap.  With a basic soap
recipe in-hand, I made a quick trip to the store and mixed up my first batch of goat milk soap.  After a few days, I chunked it into little bars and let it cure for four weeks…well, maybe just three and a half weeks (patience is not one of my strong points).  The result—it was wonderful!  I gave several bars to a few of my friends and family members and they liked it too. A business was born!

Since then, we have expanded our product line from that signature Plain Jane goat milk soap to include several different lines:  unscented, scented, essential oil, as well as lotions and salves, laundry soap, and 100% vegan soap made without goat milk.  As the soap side of our farm grew, we decided to separate the soap business from the rest of the farm in the fall of 2015.

My products were added to The Perfect Pair around the middle of December.  I was there shopping with a friend and as Wanda was wrapping up our purchases the three of us began chatting. My friend mentioned that I made goat milk soap and other similar-type products.   I told Wanda I would be interested in learning more about the shop if she ever had any openings for more vendors.  Turns out, she did have space for another vendor, and I brought up the display and some products to start off with a few days later!

Even though this whole “soap thing” happened by accident, I feel like it is a perfect fit for me.  My family has been so incredibly supportive and I have had so much fun experimenting with different ingredients and learning the science behind the soap making process.  I enjoy discovering how certain oils and additives change the soap recipe and it is great being able to create exactly what we need, or what someone else is looking for.  I love having someone tell me that one of the products I made helps them with a problem they are having.  Hearing those stories never gets old.  But my absolute favorite part of this little business is all of the amazing people we have met – both customers and other crafters/artists.  I have such an appreciation for things that are handmade, handcrafted, etc. now, more than I did before starting this gig, and I hope you do too.

– Lori Parks

My husband and I live in rural Taylorville, Illinois with our four sons and a crazy pup. Our home site sits just a few miles from the former Flat Branch Ranch (hence the business name!), where my parents still live and farm.

Find the Flat Branch Soap Co.
at The Perfect Pair or visit their website HERE.

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