Life With Zoey

My name is Alexis Geggie and my husband and I started Life With Zoey after we had our first daughter, Zoey, in February 2014. We had been thinking about opening up a shop on Etsy while I was pregnant with her, but it wasn’t until The Perfect Pair provided the opportunity to have your own little “store” within a store that I knew this would be something we would love doing!

My husband and I make or DIY almost every aspect of our home. We enjoy working on projects for ourselves and thought, “Why not share what we love doing with other people’s homes too?”  I am very passionate about interior design and as a stay at home mom, creating for our booth gives me a way to keep my focus and passions thriving.  If I had my way, this would be my job, but right now I am lucky that I get to be a stay at home mom and design too!

My husband, Matthew, is very much the labor behind a lot of my ideas. He is so handy that I swear there is nothing he can’t do! Any crazy idea I come to him with, he executes perfectly.  We love our name, Life With Zoey, because this is very much our life. We are parents first and sometimes our date nights just consist of working on projects together after she’s asleep!  What I love most about what we sell is that almost every single item is something we have in our home. You won’t ever see us sell something we don’t love, use, or want in our own house!

Matthew and I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to share our items with the great customers who are so loyal to supporting small businesses at The Perfect Pair!  Everyone is so helpful and encouraging and we have been very happy here!

Visit The Warehouse soon to see all of that
Life With Zoey has to offer!

Find them on Facebook HERE!

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