Furniture Flipping is a Family Affair

Hi, I’m Ann Podbelsek.  When I first walked into The Perfect Pair about a year ago I had no idea it would lead to a new family hobby and business.  Having driven past many times, I kept wondering what that shop was.  I finally stopped one day and fell in LOVE!  When I asked Wanda where all of the items came from and she told me some were her creations, but many were from vendors, I thought, ‘I think I could do this.’

When I have time, I like to go to second hand stores.  This past summer I found myself looking at older, tired looking pieces of furniture thinking they were still good, but needed some new life.  So, I bought four chairs, painted them, recovered the seats and loved the results!  Then, my husband had some kitchen cabinet doors left over from a kitchen remodel.  I decided to paint the doors into colorful chalk boards and add some knobs to spruce them up and make them functional. 

One weekend, our daughter Amanda came home from St. Louis and loved what I had done.  She said she wanted to work on a few projects too.  And, so it began!  From then on, Amanda and I, as well as my husband, always have our eyes out for any “old” pieces that we think we can repurpose or redo to make them appealing again.  As time progressed, the pieces we were finding needed a little more than just paint and fabric.  Lucky for us, there is a master craftsman in the house! My husband Dan soon started helping us take pieces apart and put them back together again or totally build something new! 

As the projects started stacking up, my husband began asking, “What are you going to do with all of this?”  I then remembered The Perfect Pair and decided to give Wanda a call.  She explained the process and I took my first van load over last September.

Many of the projects I took at first were the result of Amanda’s and my hard work.  However, we have had to invoke the help of my husband on more and more projects and found that he enjoys it as much as we do.

We have been repurposing for about a year now.  Amanda works on projects at her home in St. Louis and at our home in Lincoln, IL when she comes back to visit.  Dan and I work on projects anytime we can and find we enjoy spending our time together creating/recreating furniture.  Our daughter Paige has also joined in the fun, refinishing some chairs, a dresser and kitchen table and chairs for her new place.  She more recently has enjoyed making pallet signs for herself and others.
Whether it is a creation we do for family, a client, or The Perfect Pair, we enjoy seeing what we can create!
This daybed swing was custom made for a client referred by The Perfect Pair.

Find more of the Podbelsek Family’s pieces at The Perfect Pair or visit them on Facebook.

Dan and Ann Podbelsek have been married for 30 years and live in Lincoln, IL where she is a special education teacher and he is a private contractor.
They have three children, Paige an English teacher living in Oswego, IL, Amanda a Project engineer living in St. Louis, MO, and Will a college student completing his second year at Monmouth College.

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