On The Road to Roanoke

What happens when a bunch of crafty ladies pile into a vehicle and head east? Moments. Moments of fun, laughter and inspiration that will become the cornerstones for a new stage at The Perfect Pair!

When Teressa Rogers and I first met back in May 2012, an instant connection was formed from our very first conversation.  Since then, Teressa has been one of my biggest supporters, encouraging me from day one to go on a research road trip and to give the warehouse a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.  With the daily demands of managing the shop, there just wasn’t a good moment…until now! Only 2.5 years later…

When I knew the long awaited trip to
Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, Virginia
was finally going to happen, Donna Hayden
was the first person I asked to ride along.
Donna and I have been working together on
and off for over five years.  Always there to
help me finish a big project or work in the warehouse, Donna is true friend and loyal coworker, AKA: the perfect sidekick for a trip such as this!

After much planning, mapping a route, booking rooms and coordinating schedules, we hit the road in search of clever ideas that would inspire the upcoming Warehouse Redo.   A few wrong turns and eleven hours later, we arrived at our primary destination, Black Dog Salvage!

Morning couldn’t come soon enough and the excitement and anticipation made it easy to get an early start on an amazing day! The thrill of meeting the owners and combing through their store left me overwhelmed with joy and filled with inspiration to bring back home.  Black Dog Salvage is the real deal with fun, genuine people who proved true to the personalities they portray on the show.

Although our primary destination was Black Dog Salvage, the journey brought a bunch of other interesting shops across our path as well.  Each enhanced the experience in its own way and brought different elements to the growing pile of possibilities.
Find more about these shops HERE.

All in all, this trip was truly a “moment” I needed to take.  Every mission was accomplished and we collected an excellent list of wants and ideas for the future of The Perfect Pair.   But more than that, it was a moment to collect memories with ones who have helped me along the way.  I am so thankful for all of the great people who contribute to the success of The Perfect Pair.  Each moment of their time is a building block for my vision and I could not ask for more.


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