Shiny in The Showroom

Have you seen this BEAUTFUL jewelry from Molly Macklin, our Featured Vendor? 
The Showroom is all a twinkle with these pieces and more!

Hi, I am Molly Macklin, a vintage jewelry lover, fashion fanatic, and re-purposing addict.  Five years ago, I needed a necklace for a New Year’s Eve outfit. Anxiously rummaging through my mom’s collection of vintage costume jewelry, I quickly became inspired to connect several rhinestone brooches together. Little did I know that, that one repurposed necklace would ignite a passion for creating unique, one-of-a-kind, statement necklaces!
Having grown up around my parents’ antique store in Findley, IL, I’ve always had a love for old treasures. I moved to Chicago briefly to experience the lifestyle of a big city, which is where I think a lot of my over the top inspiration and style was fostered.  I now live in Argenta, IL with my husband (baby on the way!) and love the adventure of hunting for amazing vintage jewelry to re-purpose. Most of the vintage pieces I find come from antique stores, thrift stores, online or from my grandma-in-law (she also loves hunting for pieces!).  In addition to the statement necklaces, I also redesign brooches, earrings, bracelets, hair pins and headbands.  The flowers on the headbands are taken from an old wedding dress and embellished with vintage rhinestone jewelry.  My newest creations are long layering necklaces, which are comprised of a brooch and a prism from antique chandeliers.  I’ve always been extremely creative and I really enjoy taking something someone has discarded and remaking it into an amazing statement piece that someone else can wear again.
Molly’s jewelry can be found in
The Perfect Pair Showroom.
You can also “view it before you buy it” on Instagram (Mol10004) or
visit her blog www.ameliorez.com.

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