A New Year, A New Look…

new wall

It seems a hearty, “Happy New Year!” is in order for this first post of 2015 and we expect it to be a VERY happy year indeed, with many changes for the Perfect Pair!  This year is all about soaring to the next level with an Extreme Makeover: Perfect Pair Edition!  Already, the front Showroom has received a major facelift with a new wall, new signs and a fabulous new layout.  The Warehouse is next in line for an upgrade and the changes we have planned are amazing!  You will want to stop in regularly this year to witness the dramatic transformation for yourself.  In preparation for the Warehouse makeover, we’re having a HUGE inventory reduction sale NOW through the end of February.  The current inventory is priced to move!  Everything must go so we can begin the next phase of the Makeover.  Come claim your DEAL before somebody else does!

Other Exciting News:

New Stylist Coming in March     From Blemished to Embellished: stenciled pieces

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