The Perfect Pair Mourns One of Their Own.

Mandi and Ava

As I sit at my computer to write this post my heart is heavy and my mind is struggling for the words to express how much Mandi Morlan meant to my family, my business and myself.

I am struggling, because I relied on Mandi to take my thoughts and put them into words. You see, one of her jobs at The Perfect Pair was to write my blog post. I would come up with the idea for the post and she would say, “can you just give me 5 minutes?”.  Mandi could take our 5-minute conversation and communicate my thoughts into words. It was like she knew my every thought, emotion and  passion. She was a gifted writer and I will miss her so much.

Mandi wore many hats within our business and with each new responsibility we would give her she would take it on with everything she had. Mandi had a loving and deeply committed personality.

And then there is Ava. You see when you own a small business your employees become like family and this has never been more true than with Mandi and Ava. When Mandi would need to bring Ava to work with her she would ask me, “Can you find something for Ava to do?”.  Ava, like her mother was always willing to take on any job I would give her with an amazing attitude. She would have a bounce in her step and a smile on her face each time she walked through our doors. We all love this little girl!! I have no doubt that Mandi’s loving personality will live on through this beautiful little Girl!

My writing struggles may continue, but each time I set down to express myself I will think of Mandi, because no one will ever be able to replace what she was to me. Oh, how I wish I could have “just 5 minutes” to tell her how much she meant to me.

As my life goes on without Mandi the most important thing I take away from our relationship is, despite the trails that life can hand you, do not let them define who you are.


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