A Little Piece of Home

Often times when you relocate to a new place, especially a new state there is a little bit of you that will always
miss your home town!  It’s nice to see something that reminds you of home though. And it’s nice to be able to connect with something from where you were raised. Maybe it’s a song, or a photograph, or painting.  Sometimes it’s even the scent of a candle that takes you back to the place life began for you.

Travis, (Wanda & Mike’s son) lives in Houston Texas with his wife Laura and daughter Lucy.  He grew up in a farming community with his Dad being a farmer. Anyone knows a farming community is full of acres and acres of corn and bean fields, tall silos, tractors, and of course barns. Country raised but living in the big city of Houston now.

Just a few miles down the road from where Travis grew up was an old barn.   Wanda was able to obtain some of the old wood inside the barn.  What better way to use that old wood from the barn, than to give Travis and Laura a little piece of Warrensburg Illinois!

Travis sent the measurements of the island and Wanda passed them onto Don Skowronski.  He then created a butcher block island from the barn wood.

Island Top 3

Then it was onto Wanda’s workroom where she sealed, stained and top coated the new island!

Island Top 2

Island Top 4Island Top 6

Island Top 5

Once the piece was finished the question was how to get this heavy (135 lb), well made piece safely from Illinois all the way to Texas!  Well Wanda left it up to Travis to figure all the details out for that! He had the shipping label emailed to his mom and the packing began.


She packed it up like an expert shipper too!  UPS & FedEx would be proud and probably hire her right on the spot if they saw her packaging skills!  🙂



All packaged up and loaded onto the truck and soon it was off to the big Lone Star state of Texas!

Island Top 1And it arrived all in one piece and safely to its new home in Texas! Now when Travis is in his kitchen standing at the island having breakfast or sharing a glass of wine with friends, he will always have a little piece of home with him. What a beautiful reminder of HOME!


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