Treasured Find

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is that sometimes a vendor brings something in to sell that brings back a childhood memory or a reminder of something my parents or Grandparents had in their homes. It’s often times a nice feeling to be reminded of those long forgotten pieces that remind you of your childhood. 

Last weekend a gentleman came into the shop and found a piece that did just that for him. It took him back to his childhood and reminded him of this Grandmother who has now passed on. Though it brought back memories of his Grandma and his childhood, he decided to leave the piece behind and left the shop. A short while later he came back to the shop and purchased the item because no matter how he tried he just felt drawn to having this find.

IMG_2088His Grandma had this exact framed print in her home.  This isn’t the original one she had because his Grandma’s hangs in his sisters home.  And for his sister it is a treasured item she isn’t willing to part with, not even for her brother.  So, for him to stumble across this print from so long ago was truly a priceless find for him.  Aside from this being a beautiful reminder of his Grandma, he always found it an interesting piece because no matter where he stood in a room, when he looked at the dog in the photo it looked as if the dog was staring back at him.  While he was in the shop he had a few of the ladies who work in the shop stand at different spots so they could see just what he was talking about with the dog watching them no matter where they were standing.  Personally, I like to think this treasured find for this gentleman, is truly a gift from his Grandma.  Though she has passed on, I would like to believe she is standing watch over her loved ones and no matter where they stand or where there are in life, she is always with them. 

We love that this gentleman not only took the time to not only come back and purchase this piece, but that he took the time to share his story about it with us. For now, he has decided he would like to share this piece with his Mom and let her hang the framed print in her home, as a reminder of her Mom, but someday he looks forward to having this print to hang in his home.  For now though he is content seeing this print hanging in both his Mom and Sister’s home.  You just never really know what you might stumble across in our shop or warehouse that takes you back to a treasured memory from your childhood.  



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