Custom Pieces

A Treasured Heirloom

It seems like most pieces that Wanda typically refinishes or repurposes has a story behind it or is about to have a story to go with it.  That is the beauty of this blog and I love when I get to hear the story behind the projects she takes on.  I love the story behind this piece she recently refinished for a client.  To know the history of this piece makes me love it even more.

Wanda met Susan at the Decatur Arts in The Park event last fall.  They had talked briefly of a dressing table Susan had and the options for having it refinished. Shortly after the festival Susan e-mailed Wanda photos of this piece.

dressing table1

dressing table2

Isn’t it lovely in the before photos?  Look at the detail in the dressing table.

Along with the e-mail came a bit of history on this piece.  This piece has been in her family for quite some time.  In fact, this dressing table belonged to her husband’s grandmother and Susan and her husband have had the piece since his Grandmother’s passing.  Due to lack of space in her master bedroom she had kept the piece in a spare bedroom.  With it being in the spare room is was more a show piece than what it was intended to be used for.

About six year ago Susan’s husband passed away.  Still this lovely piece among a few other pieces from her husband’s family remained with her, a thread to a part of her husband and his family.  Susan remarried last year and with her new marriage, came a move to another house.  And in her new home she was blessed with the perfect space for this lovely dressing table in the master bedroom.   No longer would this dressing table be hidden in a spare room, but to finally be put to use and something that she is able to see each morning when she wakes and each evening before bed.

After talking to Wanda, she decided she would like to have this piece refinished.  So Wanda got busy with this new project all the while keeping in mind to preserve the intricate details in the dressing table.  Can you imagine how wonderful it must feel to have a piece that has such meaning and history entrusted to you to make “new” again?  What a blessing it is to be able to bring out the beauty in pieces such as this.




As mentioned above Susan found the perfect space in her new home and each morning this is where she sits to apply her makeup and to fix her hair.  In my mind, I picture the grandmother sitting at her dressing table doing the same when she owned the piece.  This dressing table is a tie that binds her to her husband and to his family for all the days of her life. Someday, Susan looks forward to passing this piece on to her daughter.  A treasured gift that will not only tie her to her Mother, but to her father and his family as well.  I truly hope the dressing table continues to be passed down for many generations to come.

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