Beyond the Red Wall

Beyond The Red Wall – Dreams Come True Part III

When Wanda envisioned her dream paint room/work room, she didn’t just want to keep it all to herself. She had something more in mind for that space.  She wanted to share.  She wanted to allow other people to enjoy the space she has available and to be creative.  A place where Elizabeth, Beki, and herself included, could teach classes to those in our local community to share their knowledge and creativity with others who are interested in learning and having fun.

I’ve said before, I look at so many of the pieces these ladies create or design and wonder, how did they do that?   Or I think “wow what talent”.  I am truly blown away by the creativity each of these ladies possesses.

The beauty of “Beyond The Red Wall” is these women are willing to share what they have learned with others and we can come together under one roof and behind one red wall to gather together and learn what each other has to share.

In June of 2013 we started planning classes on a more regular basis.  As each month has passed, our class schedule has seemed to really grow.  The ladies are coming at me with such fun and creative classes to add to our calendar.  Word is getting out that not only are we teaching classes at The Perfect Pair, but these classes are a lot of fun to take.  We hear comments from those who have taken classes about how much they learned in class.  I’ve had those who are doubtful or feel as if they are not “artistic” enough to take a class, but once they have taken it, they realize there is a creative side to them and they are thrilled they took the class. And the best part, they are excited to take more classes being offered.  Some even come out of class ready to sign up for another class before leaving.  How wonderful is that!

Beki VanMeter of Paint Junkies teaches the Van Gogh series of classes that are offered at the Perfect Pair, as well as our 3 different turntable classes.   If learning to repaint furniture is right up your creative alley, Van Gogh 101 & 102 teach fun techniques with the Van Gogh fossil (chalk) paint line.

Van Gogh 101

Van Gogh 101

VanGogh 102Van Gogh 102


picstitch (19)

Great projects created in Van Gogh 101

Elizabeth VanHoutan of Paint Like Me and Punch & Sizzle teaches our canvas classes as well as some of our kid’s classes we offer.  She offers a variety of canvas classes and some even tailored to couples to take together.  How fabulous is that for something different to do on a date night with your special someone.

Vintage Joy_LastCall picstitch (16)

Canvas Class fun with Elizabeth!

photo (6)

Perfect Date Night Canvas Classes!


Layering Abstracts Canvas Class


Some of Elizabeth’s different classes! Layering Abstracts Canvas, Kids Class Wooden Initial, & Pretty Girl Canvas Class


Fun Kids Classes with Elizabeth

Wanda typically teaches our Windows and Frames classes and even some of our kids classes as well.  With her schedule being quite full and with running a growing business, being in high demand with her vendors, customers, and her list of projects,  she will take on private parties to teach her Windows classes!

picstitch (17)

Windows Class

picstitch (20) picstitch (21)

Look at all the different ways you can use windows to create awesome new pieces!

picstitch (15)

Kids Classes with Wanda

picstitch (18)

Kids Classes with Wanda a fun time for everyone! 🙂

What?!?!? Private Parties? What’s this I mention about private parties!  Yes, Private Parties! Actually all three ladies will host a private party/class for you and 5 or more friends.  Up to 12 people per party.  That means you get to choose what type of class you and a group of friends and/or family would like to take, we hash out a date for the class, and you meet up at The Perfect Pair for your class.  So get your family and friends together and take a class with Wanda, Beki, or Elizabeth.  Classes range from $50-$150 per person depending on class being taken.  These make for fun birthday, bridal party, holiday, and even team building company parties.  Get 3-6 of your favorite couples together and do a date night class with your friends.  If you are 21 and older feel free to bring a bottle of wine and make it even more of a party!

You can find Beki and her Paint Junkies Facebook page here and Elizabeth and her Paint Like Me Facebook page here!

If you would like to keep up with our latest classes LIKE us on Facebook or check out our Paint Classes tab on our blog.  We keep our class list and schedule updated on both places. Plus, you can find class descriptions of both current and past classes on our blog.  Our current classes are also published monthly in THRIVE Magazine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog series on Beyond The Red Wall – Dreams Come True.  We hope our series has given you a bit more insight from where it all started to where we are right now!  It has been a journey, but a journey that has led to more blessings than ever imagined.  We look forward to more blessings and memories to be made Beyond The Red Wall.  May God Bless You with the passion and tools to live out your dreams.

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