Beyond the Red Wall

Beyond The Red Wall…Dreams Come True (Part II)

Today we are going to share with you Part II of Beyond the Red Wall.  Join us as we explore some of the different projects created in this very space by Wanda, Megan, Beki, Donna, Teressa, Ann and othe 2013.

The ladies who create all these awesome projects have definitely kept the paint room busy!  The wait list for projects is just about 6 months out, but always well worth the wait. There definitely is a steady stream of projects going on. For me personally, I enjoy seeing what they will come up with next.  Especially when they take something I would consider a curbside piece for the trash collector, but then they see a whole new possibility such as this piece below.


This piece was a night stand and an end table, but repurposed into a small dresser stand or even a jewelry box.  This piece could be used to store small baby items like blankets, onsies, diapers, etc.  And what a perfect height or perhaps if you love jewelry it could definitely hold some gorgeous pieces you own.


Don’t you just love the after of this piece!  Who would have dreamed this piece up?!?! And the color scheme chosen for this beautiful.

Another thing I enjoy seeing from Beyond The Red Wall, are parents coming in to find wonderful furniture in the warehouse and having them refinished into something that looks a bit more modern for their babies and children’s rooms.  I have said this many times myself and have heard many times from others, furniture just isn’t made like it used to be.  That is so true.  So it is exciting to see pieces of furniture taken from the warehouse floor and given a new life.


This wardrobe was found out in our warehouse, but it was about to take on a new life of it’s own!


And here is the after!  This piece was ready and waiting for it’s new little one to make her arrival.


And this is a before and after of another bedroom set found out in the warehouse, except this time it was ready and waiting for a little “him” to make his arrival.  Look at all that storage space too…and how awesome is the redo on this piece!

Seeing pieces take on a life of their own and seeing the creativity in Wanda and the ladies who also refinish and repurpose pieces in the paint room is an added perk of working here.  I love walking into the showroom to see what pieces of come out of the paint room since my last day off.  I’ve oohed and aahed so many times this past year over some beautiful pieces that have hit our showroom floor.


Seeing pieces like this, makes me want to redo my own rooms in my house time and time again.  How about you?  Don’t you love the quote on top.  Gorgeous!


This kid’s chalkboard table was a donation Wanda created for a local charity event.


A Kid’s desk they can write on and wipe right off!  Cute! Yes, I think so!


A small side table turned into a jewelry stand.  Perfect.

2013 was a year of expanding, redoing, rebuilding, painting, and of course planning to get the paint room just the way Wanda dreamed it would be.  And with all that work in the paint room, she managed to crank out a lot of projects.  Now that the room is where she wants it to be, I cannot wait to see how much more gets accomplished on her always growing project list.  You can be sure that Beyond the Red Wall, there are a lot of wonderful projects in the works for 2014.  If you would like to see more photos of our “2013 Beyond The Red Wall Projects”, check us out on Facebook and you will find them HERE.  Stay tuned to see what this year holds.  Are you as excited as I am?  I definitely hope so!

Part III of our “Beyond The Red Wall…Dreams Come True” blog series will be up next week.  See what else has been going on Beyond The Red Wall over the past year.  I can tell you what’s been going on, has definitely been a lot of fun and it’s got a lot of people talking about The Perfect Pair!  You won’t want to miss it!

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