Beyond the Red Wall

Beyond The Red Wall…Dreams Come True! (Part I)

Whenever I go into a little store or shop I like, I don’t really ever put a lot of thought or any thought really, into what went into making that store a reality.  And I’m not talking about chain stores, I am talking about the quaint little shops you stumble upon. Those little treasures.  Sure, I think what a cute shop, what a neat store, wow that’s different how lovely!  But I often times do not think twice about what did it take to make this place or that place a reality.  How much work went into it?  How many hours of sleep were passed up for planning, dreaming, creating, praying, hoping, and relying on your faith and your friends.  Countless hours of sleep sacrificed as you lay in bed each night with the lights out, but your mind racing with a million other things.  How many conversations took place with your friends and your family, encouraging and inspiring you.

What happens when your dreams, your goals, your wants and all your hard work finally pays off for you? Your nights of no sleep and your days spent trying to juggle it all, you finally get the chance to stand back and say, “I did it.  I dreamed of this day and what’s even better, is it is far more than I even dreamed possible.”  And what’s even better than that?  Being able to say it was all worth it to reach this point. It was made possible because you never gave up, and on those days when you felt like throwing in the towel and saying this requires more than I am capable of, you were surrounded with friends who knew you were more than able to make your dreams come true.  So not only is this a dream come true for her, but it is a dream she built with the support, love, and encouragement with friends and family by her side.  For Wanda, those sleepless nights, those hours and hours of dreaming, planning, praying, and envisioning meant having this….

Beyond The Red Wall

Beyond The Red Wall.  What exactly is “Beyond The Red Wall”?  It’s Wanda’s workroom/paint room.  It’s a dream come true.  An idea that started in her basement in 2000, she was using a workbench and a sump pump with a hose for her clean up area.

Yes this is where the dream of having a workroom/paint room began to take shape.  Today of course, Wanda uses her old work bench area for storage and the basement, well it’s back to being just a basement now, but to Wanda it was where it all began.

Laundry Room

Eventually Wanda moved herself and her work/projects upstairs to her laundry room. But of course, in due time she would outgrow that space quickly as well.


In 2003, Wanda moved Designer Finishes into what is now known as the shop we all love from the moment we walk into the door, “The Perfect Pair Antiques & Salon”.  However, in 2003 the idea for the Perfect Pair was not even an idea just yet.  Instead, it was a rented space for Wanda’s Faux Finish business, Designer Finishes.  In 2005, the building came up for public auction and with a huge leap of faith and a strong trust in God, Wanda & Mike purchased the entire building.  They rented out the warehouse space for 5 years to Pershing Auto Parts, but eventually God’s plan for how that space should be used took Wanda in and down a different path. The previously rented space, is now the consignment area of The Perfect Pair.


Wanda next workroom/paint room space is was bigger than her laundry room, that’s for sure and this space now makes excellent space for Megan’s hair salon, which when you come in now to the shop, that is what you will find in Wanda’s old workroom an awesome hair salon.

Eventually Wanda knew she needed an even larger work space.  The table in the photo is quite large as tables go and it definitely didn’t leave for much room.  As her business has grown, so has her work space.  And this time Wanda, along with her family and close friends, were about to help bring her dream workroom/paint room to reality.

Workroom Transformation

Oh what a project and undertaking this would be.  Lifting the ceiling, building walls, new lighting, painting, painting, and more painting.  A big project, but an even bigger amount of faith.

Beyond The Red Wall

And finally the final touches of Donna with a can of red paint!

The Workroom

A little sneak peek of the workroom.  Look at all that space!  Truly a dream come true.

What does this space mean to Wanda, besides a large open work space?  It’s a place she can spread out, no more cramped rooms, a clean up space that isn’t a sump pump and a hose, pretty much no piece of furniture that is too big to tackle.  One of her favorite features of her room, the lighting.  As quoted by her, “it’s awesome”.  She even sold her work van to invest that money into the lighting in the workroom!  Now that is a definite move that proves how much she believes in having this space and just how much she really wanted it. This is also a space she has all her tools and supplies in one space, not to mention being organized as well.  But most importantly, it is a place she can share with those amazingly creative friends she has had for many years.  A place they can come together and share their creative talents with our local community.  Each one bringing something different to the table.

Stay tuned for Part II of Beyond The Red Wall…Dreams Come True, where we will show you just what’s been happening behind that wall.  You won’t want to miss it!

A special thank you to Mike, Megan, Garrett, Beki, Elizabeth,Teressa, Ann, Donna, Jackie, Heidi, Mary, Kim, and Mandi who played such an important role in making this long awaited dream a reality.

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