Beyond the Red Wall

A Table Fit For A Little Princess…

Over the summer a little girl named Addison came into The Perfect Pair with her Mommy and Grandma.  They were on the hunt for a little table/desk that would fit Addison. So, Wanda showed them around the warehouse.  After browsing the through a lot of furniture, they found the “perfect” piece that would, fit Addison just perfectly.  Not too big and definitely not too small, it was just the right size for little Miss Addison.  Though the desk fit Addison perfectly, there was a slight problem with the desk.

Can you see the problem? It was brown and dull, and what most little girls wouldn’t consider all that pretty and well even kind of boring to a little girl who dreams in all colors pink.  For Wanda though that was no match.  Off to her paint room Wanda went, to grab up her paint samples.  Wanda sat down with Addison, letting her pick her two most favorite colors.  Wanda knew she could take this desk and give it a new look that Addison will love to sit at and create many projects, color for hours on end, or even read books at.

Wanda talked over her plans and vision for this table with Donna.  So Donna got to work on this piece.  The first color of pink I have to say already made a big improvement.  But they were not done with just one shade of pink and also not having some kind of design on the top to jazz it up even more.

Covering the top in a chevron pattern painters tape  was just what this table needed.  Did you know they even made cool patterned painters tape like this?!?!?  I didn’t until Wanda took on this project.  Then came the 2nd lighter shade of pink to create the chevron pattern across the top of the table.


Here you have the finished piece.  Isn’t it just perfect for a little girls bedroom?  I think Addison will have hours and hours of fun at her new desk.   I think Wanda and Donna definitely outdid themselves with this project.

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