Before and After Projects

Will She Like Wanda’s Idea?

Siblings. Do you have any?  I do.  In fact, I come from a pretty decent size family.  Growing up with two brothers and a sister, we were all very different.  Sometimes you have to wonder how we could be so different being raised by the same parents, in the same house for a big part of our lives.  Sure, we might have shared a couple qualities among one another, but overall we were each our own person with our own personalities, our own strengths, our own weaknesses.

Wanda, also comes from a large family.  A family with 7 children.  4 boys. 3 girls. And again each with their own personalities.  Each with something they do really well and that makes them stand out in the family.  If you follow this blog or facebook or have been into the shop, you know first hand a talent Wanda is pretty amazing at, and that is creating awesome pieces of furniture.  She has a vision for creating one of a kind pieces or pieces we might consider ready for the garbage.  We might see something that is broken, but Wanda sees something that just needs a new purpose, a new life.  So, with that being said, Wanda wanted to put her creativity and talents to use and create something for her sister Barb.  Before we move on though, let me introduce you to Barb.


This Barb on the left and Wanda on the right.  You can definitely tell they are sisters. They may have different personalities, but what they lack in that area, they definitely make up for in appearance.


These tables already belonged to Barb, but they needed a new look to them.  The only catch, Barb really didn’t get a say in what Wanda would get to do to them.  Barb had to trust that her little sister would know her well enough, to give these tables a makeover that would make Barb happy in the end.  That is one advantage of being a sisters.  Who knows you better than you might just know yourself?!?!?  Right! 🙂

So, Wanda got busy thinking on just what she would do to these tables.  I have to say, I am not sorry to see these tables get a makeover.  I do really like the shapes of the tables, but the wood, eh not as much.  I definitely couldn’t wait to see what Wanda had planned for these tables.


This is the finished coffee table painted with a burgundy color on the bottom and gray over the top then distressed to bring out the red.  She added a stencil to the top in French. Makes me wish I had taken French in school so I knew more than just the word “Paris”.  🙂


We can’t forget the end table.  I love the silver hardware added to the drawer.  It gives this end table a gorgeous new look.  I would definitely give it my seal of approval and chalk it up to another Wanda success, but the real test is if it is a success with Barb or not.  Does Wanda really know what her sister would like when it comes to refinishing her furniture?

Absolutely she does.  Barb loved the tables and was definitely happy she let Wanda surprise her with a new look for her tables.  They fit perfectly in her home.

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