Katie and Tyler

Have a Little Faith…

One of the greatest parts of this business, is not just taking something old or out of style and breathing new life into it, but when you can turn a doubter into a believer. That is just magical.  Before I get into how that even happened, let me start at the very beginning of it all.  How did this project even come to be?

Well, the couple the furniture was refinished for are friends of Wanda’s.  Katie & Tyler.  Wanda has known Katie for many years, due in part to a friendship with Katie’s Mom, Donna.  In fact, Katie is the one who created and started this very blog for Wanda.  Don’t you just love Katie for that.  I know we do.  🙂

As most love stories go, Katie and Tyler met. They fell in love. They got married.  Then they decided to start a family. Adding a new member to their family also meant, well, they would need more furniture for this little addition to the family.  Katie, however, wanted something specific and also something special for their baby.  Hmmmm.  What to do, what to do?  Sure, they could go into a store and by something right off the floor. Take it home and try to assemble it from the directions in 17 different languages and hope all the pieces are there.  Or maybe find some furniture online and have it shipped to them un-assembled of course.  And who cares if 10,472 other babies have that exact same furniture in their room, right?!?!  Or, maybe just maybe, Wanda would be willing and able to come up with something one of a kind for their baby.  Something that not 10,472 babies already have in their nursery.

Why yes, that is the perfect solution to have not only a one of a kind set of furniture, but also done by a special family friend.  That made perfect sense to Katie and even to Wanda.  But, Tyler, well he wasn’t so sure.  A bit reluctant you could say he was. Where was the logic in spending money on used furniture and having it refinished and did you get the part that it is “USED” furniture?

As any good husband does though, he decided it was probably best to put at least a tiny bit of his faith in his lovely wife and into Wanda, as well.  So, Katie and Tyler picked a set which included a dresser, night stand, and headboard/foot board, out in the warehouse.


Yep that’s what it looked like in the beginning.  I guess now you can see why Tyler was a bit reluctant huh?  Katie gave Wanda a photo of at least an idea of what she would like to have for reference.  So, that meant it was time for Wanda to get to work.  With the help of Beki, they started to prep these pieces.





From the light wood in the beginning to prepping the pieces, base coating, under-tone staining and finishing it off with a dark wood stain, these pieces came together beautifully,  Then came time to change out the handles on the drawer.  Yes, it was time to say bye-bye to those old drawer handles and knobs.  See you later! We won’t miss them one tiny bit.  Time to add the new handles and give this dresser a much more up-to-date look.  This step took Wanda the better part of a day just to get the new drawer handles lined up precisely and installed.  And at last the pieces were done.


Above is the finished dresser!  Isn’t it beautiful?!?!  We thought so.  Katie thought so.  But, the real test was if Tyler thought so too.  Well, when Tyler saw the finished pieces he told Wanda, “You have won me over”.  Needless to say, they made a believer out of him.  I’d say that means this project was a success.  🙂


Share with us what you think of the before and after by commenting below.  We’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by our blog today!  🙂

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