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“Wine” Yes I Think I Will…

have a glass!  Wine glass holder that is!  I know my last post covered the Pinterest Inspired Windows class Wanda & Beki hosted a couple weeks ago.  They even hosted a second Pinterest Inspired Windows class last night, since the first one was quite popular and filled up quickly.  I even posted a photo of the wine glass holder that Wanda made, but I wanted to elaborate on that post a bit more.   Also, I wanted to show the before photo of the window.


So here it is!  I don’t know about you, but I would have never given that window a second look if I walked by it or if I would have looked twice,  it would have been a thought of, well I know what’s going in my trash can to be taken to the local dump.  I definitely wouldn’t have thought, “oh, that will make a perfect hanging wine glass rack”.  Ah, but leave it to Wanda to see the potential of this window.  Can we say from “Trash to Treasure”, and I do mean treasure!


Doesn’t she have such vision!  I love that she left the window a bit distressed, which I think gives it that old feel, leaving it’s character intact, and it lets you know this window has not only a history, but a story, as well.  Though, no longer used for a window to look out from, it has been given a second life.  A new story to tell, a new place to hang in someone’s home.  It could have been left in an old barn or shed to gather more dust or to even been thrown out, but now it serves a new purpose for a new home.


My favorite part of this window, is the design Wanda created on the glass.  It has a “timeless” feel to it, which I think fits perfectly with this piece. Something old, turned into something completely new.  Even,  if you are not one to indulge in a glass of wine from time to time, we should all indulge in a glass of juice in a fancy wine glass on occasion.  If you are like me, who loves this piece and would like to create one that fits your home decor, but have no idea how to get from point A to point B in designing your own wine glass rack, the great thing is that Wanda can teach you just how to make your very own!  You can purchase one of the windows we have in our warehouse or bring one you have already from home and the wine glass holder rods and sign up for one of her upcoming windows classes.  I know whatever you create it will be something you are proud to show off to family and friends.

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