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A Different Kind of View

Last Tuesday, we hosted our first Pinterest Inspired Windows class here at the Perfect Pair. It was such a hit and a truly great time. The ladies showed up with their windows all prepped and ready to unleash their creativity on their latest project.


Each of the ladies picked out the paint colors for their windows. They decided if they wanted to create a chalkboard, mirror, dry erase, or cork board. Hooks, knobs, handles or stencils?!?! It was up to each of the ladies just how they wanted to make their window project.


As you can see, no two windows were alike. Stencils and lettering were quite popular, but each lady chose something different, which always makes teaching these classes even more fun!


Wanda even created a fun serving tray out of her window before the class started. How fun is this and a unique way to give an old window a new and different use! Super creative and fun! For the class she sat out fresh fruit, cheese, and cracker. Image And what goes better with fresh fruit, cheese, and crackers, than wine! Check out the awesome hanging wine glass rack Wanda also created out of an old window. Talk about a conversation piece! I absolutely just love it. Who would have thought an old window would find such a cool new use!


At the end of class we had lots of smiling beautiful ladies, with their new window creations to hang in their homes! So much fun seeing these windows from a different kind of view!

Looking forward to the next Pinterest Inspired Windows class on Tuesday August 6th. It is sure to be another great evening! The class cost $50.00 and is from 5:30 to 8:30. You provide the window we provide the paint! Call us at 217-672-8822 to register.

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