Before and After Projects, Things Happening at Perfect Pair

Something Old, Turned Into Something New…

If you were given this old antique wheel chair and told to create something new with it, what would you do with it?


Well have no worries, because at The Perfect Pair, we can always come up with some new idea for almost any piece we encounter.  So Wanda and Donna got to work on coming up with a new use for the wheel chair.  First, they started with deciding on a new color for the chair.  Yep. Yellow.  Bright and colorful.  Perfect! Then, they decided to add some peg board to the back of the chair and some hooks to hand some gardening tools from.  Perfect! Then, they decided to cut a hole in the “leg” part of the chair.  Added a small waste basket for small debris removal.  Perfect! Gardening gloves, watering can, flower pots, etc. and you have the perfect way to tinker around your garden with your new garden cart all at your finger tips.  Perfect!


Now that is a one of a kind piece your neighbors probably won’t have to do their gardening with!  🙂  Stop in and check out this garden cart and who knows it might just be the “Perfect” piece for you! Unless your neighbor snatches up this piece before you do. 😉

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