Featured Vendor, Vivian Hale

The Perfect Pair Featured Vendor…

At the Perfect Pair we are proud to host several wonderful and talented local vendors in our store. As we’ve said in the past, we believe in supporting our local vendors and in turn it helps to support our community. We offer a variety of different items and we have over 20 Vendors. Every couple weeks on our blog we are going to feature one of our vendors. To kick off our first post for our Highlighted Vendor is the talented Vivian Hale.


Vivian’s pieces are a huge hit. She creates the glass ladies made out of vintage glassware pieces and often times adding a little extra detail with some beads for a necklace. Because a lady is never fully dressed without her pearls. Vivian’s ladies are definitely pieces of art that will have your friends and family talking about the uniqueness of each piece.


They are all one of a kind too. So far, I know I have not seen two pieces that are a like!


Vivian also makes beautiful bird feeder dishes, bird baths and candy dishes as well. Scroll down to see a few more of Vivian’s masterpieces.



Birds will flock to these beautiful pieces to enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



They make for a perfect gift as well. Stop in our store today to see these pieces by Vivian for yourself and to maybe even purchase one or two for your home. These pieces never seem to last for long. Thankfully Vivian keeps us well furnished with her one of a kind pieces.

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