Things Happening at Perfect Pair

The “Perfect” Herb Garden

At The Perfect Pair, it seems we have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Something pretty much for almost everyone.  Today on our blog we are featuring an herb garden.


This herb garden was created by Connie from Connie’s Country Greenhouse. She used an old 7-Up crate we had around our consignment warehouse and put it to good use.  She planted several different types of herbs.  She used Greek Oregano, Lemon Thyme, Orange Mint, Hill Hardy, and even Chocolate Mint to name a few!  The aroma from this little garden is heavenly!  If you would like to try your hand at having an herb garden for the first time this is the perfect little garden to start with.  Or if you would just like to try some new herbs, this would be a perfect little garden for you. Another awesome thing about this herb garden is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space either.  Isn’t that perfect!  Stop in today at The Perfect Pair before this herb garden is gone!  It’s available for only $35.00!  Such a perfect deal!!!

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